Click through to gear lever when changing gears

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    Hi there.

    Just picked up my svart 401 and ridden home. Of course as she is brand new I was hyper sensitive on every gear change and pull of the brakes.

    One thing I noticed is a click feeling when changing gears felt at the lever through my fingers.

    Having owned a KTM Duke and other bikes, I’ve never experienced this before.  Can someone advise if this is normal. Slipper clutch perhaps?

    Thanks. Tom.


    Hi, I’ve noticed the same on my new svart. It’s a bit annoying as it feels like you’re doing something wrong. I noticed that if you pull the clutch lever completely, thoroughly, until it touches the handlebar, the click seems to be absent, but the result is slower gear changes. Also I only noticed it whilst  gearing down. What about you, is it noticeable gearing both up and down ?




    I’m new here but I’ve been on the duke for the last couple of years, the click you are feeling through the lever is the slipper clutch, don’t worry about it, it’s “suppose” to feel like this  🙂


    Hi guys,

    Many thanks for the replies and for putting my mind at rest, It happens when I am gearing up, it doesn’t happen all of the time. Perhaps that is when I engage the clutch in full (full), I’m not sure.

    Anyway, I wont let it bother me. Cheers.


    Hello from France,

    First message here. I bought a 401 Svartpilen with 3500 km a month ago. The clutch click was very uncomfortable when downshifting in dynamic rides.

    Hopefully I found a good Husqvarna agent that didn’t hide behind “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”. He found no worn part but thought the assembly was slightly loose so the inner and outer clutch hubs were changed under warranty. Problem solved: Like all 401/390 the click isn’t totally gone but it’s not disturbing anymore.

    So if you’re still uncomfortable with your clutch go to your dealer and test another 401 to compare. Normal behavior is too subjective to be defined on a forum.


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    Update: I was a bit too enthusiastic. The click is actually similar to what it was.

    Looks like there is no possibility of adjustement.


    Just to complement a bit, I have the same issue or feature, but if i blip / revmatch when downshifting, it is hardly noticeable. Still there when upshifting though.


    during an oil leak under the way to my huskydealer i found out of youre losing 100-200 ml oil
    gears are more smooth to get in an no more snagging clutch iam sure oil pressure/contra level
    and the easy clutch giving that too strong click in strings and the bit uncomfortable feeling…also to mention that this click in the string is even there if youre not using the clutchlever you can see that under set up clutch vids …
    just something to mention …i start feeling like those BMW GS guys” 40ml less then recommended and gear switching is sweeter” lol

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