Clearances on Decat Pipe

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    Hey folks.  New guy here.  I’ll post up more about me and my new Vit in another thread.  I just installed a Leo Vince decat pipe and LV10 slip-on.  It took some effort to get everything to line up to my satisfaction, and even then I’m a little concerned about several clearances.

    The most concerning is right at the rear suspension linkage.  I honestly can’t remember if the linkage moves or not when riding the bike, but there’s no way it could move downward without contacting the mid-pipe.  I’m posting a few pics.  There was an extra spacer in the decat kit that I couldn’t find on any of Leo Vince’s technical drawings or instructions, so I think it was a mistaken;y included.  I’m posting a pic of it also.  It’s similar to a spacer used on the muffler, but this was an extra one.

    There are also a couple areas where the mid-pipe and header are almost contacting the engine, but I don’t think these areas are really problematic.  Anyway, I would greatly appreciate some input from others who have installed this or another similar decat pipes.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks.

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