choosing the vitpilen 701 over other single-cyl options

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    I am on the fence of buying a Vitpilen 701. Unfortunaltely I have not had the opportunity to take one out for a test ride ( I only sat on one at the dealership), but I have previously ridden the Duke 690R and 690Smc-r, the latter I absolutely loved. I love the looks of the Vitpilen, I love the fact that it has quickshifter and abs, tc and such. I am just wondering if anyone could tell me if the engine is retuned compared to say the supermoto, or how capable the Vitpilen is as a hooligan-bike? Is it mostly top-end tuned or does it have that wonderful punchy in-your-face mid-range?

    Any input is appreciated:)


    The 690Smc-r is basically the same as the 701 Supermoto, so if you like the hooligan supermoto thing then get one of them, they are fantastic bikes and unbelievably fun.

    The Vitpilen 701 is slightly more refined with more tech as you mention but the main difference is the chassis and riding position. Engine is very similar with bags on low down grunty torque and it does retain some of the supermoto flickability.


    Brett Hawton

    FYI- KTM’s 2019 SMC & Enduro R now have a quick shifter and dynamic corning ABS.


    The ktm 690s you rode will have the slightly older motor in them the new ones(just launched) have the same motor. We’re spoiled for choice now with 4 models from Husqvarna and 3 from KTM with this motor


    I know! Really like the new smc-r’s electronic package. (Such a shame it is not equipped with a proper dash, but hey, rather cornering ABS). Now, the thing is, the new SMC-R is quite expensive, needs an exhaust…. I can get a vitpilen second hand with the akrapovic can for way less then the new smc. I keep reading that the vitpilen is too expensive, but here (in Norway) it is actually quite cheap…


    first world problems…..


    I definitely wouldn’t call it a hooligan bike but it’s super fun. The low weight does tons to make up for lack of power.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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