Charcoal canister delete for 2019 Vit 401.

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    I finally decided to remove the charcoal canister on my 2019 401.  Saves some weight, cleans up the bike, and it is nearly free to do.  Possible performance gains.


    Charcoal canister delete;

    1. Remove side fairing on the clutch side.

    2. Disconnect the 2 lines on the bottom of the canister.

    3. Pull out the charcoal canister.  It is held in with 2 rubber sleeves.  Just wiggle it out. Remove the rubber sleeves too.

    4. One of the lines on the bottom is connected to the large drain line from the tank overfill with a “Y” connection.  Remove the large line, the “Y” connection, and the small length of hose that went to the canister.

    5. Cap the vacuum line that goes back to the injection system.  It can be done by putting a screw in the end of it or remove the line to the next connection and put a vacuum end cap on the nipple.  I used the vacuum end cap so I could eliminate as much as possible off the bike.

    6. Re-route the tank overfill line.  I chose to run it as far back as I could to the tail fairing keeping it fully hidden.

    7. Re-install the fairing and enjoy.



    This may cause the CEL to illuminate.

    This is due to the ECU thinking that the purge valve has failed.

    I am waiting for the Rottwiler dongle for the RC390 to arrive so I can see if it corrects the light.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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