Changing the colour of the tank and front mudguard

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    Hi Guy’s

    I’ve only had my bike for a short time and I’m making some modifications before I present it to you.

    I’ve only seen one colour-changed Vitpilen. The red one.

    You all like that silvery grey that comes standard?

    I’m trying to change the color to make it a little more exclusive.

    Is it possible to fit a Svartpilen 701 tank? I think it’s the same one, right? I like this colour.

    The second possibility is the covering but you have to find a king of discipline because the angles of the tank are not easy to make.

    third possibility and this one is irreversible is to have both elements painted.

    I wonder what the solution is for me.



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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by Olivier.

    tanks  / covers are interchangeable. 2020 bit is blue. Husky also offers white/ black replacement covers


    I think its too expensive for 2 pieces of plastic and the same result : not exclusive




    Hi Mate

    sounds to me like you should buy some plasti dip. You can spray the panels and if you don’t like it you can peel it off.


    Max Kool

    imho, Plastidip is nice for a temporary experiment, but it will scuff over time where your knees or jacket frequently touch the bodypanels.

    I tried it on the yellow closing panel of the tank. It held for a while but after a few rides it started to scuff/peel….


    That s the problem with this system exactly.

    Nobody makes a Wrap ?


    Mate, just repaint the whole thing, sand down your plastics, put a good quality primer on them [plastic primer if you level those logos under clear coat to bare plastic, and filler primer to cover it nicely, then sand it down again with 800 grid, go to any car body shop, shout something like ‘guys i’v got plastic to repain, just need base and clear but i sux at this and you guys are such a pro and all, pay cash, maybe they will not ad vat ;).

    6 paunds for plastic primer in can, 8 pounds for filler primer [upol rox]

    100-200 pounds for the job depend on what color you want, let say standard glossy ducati red with nice clear coat, smooth job with no orange peel – around 150 pounds

    still worth it


    becous that bloody silver is a joke 🙂

    good luck

    David Brazil

    I have a ’19 Svartpilen, but like the ’20 Vit blue. I purchased the tank covers, and they fit perfectly. The front fender is too low, because the two bikes have different sized tires. I believe I can modify the mount and make it work, though.

    Also, I took off the underseat cover that has the “number plate” on it, so now it looks very similar to a Vit. The whole change looks great. Only needs a slight mod to do something with the white stripe to take it to the rear section, for aesthetics. Then, the single rear pillion cover that I put on instead of the passenger pillion needs to be painted blue. Then it will be done.

    I’ll post a pic of it when I modify the fender mount.

    To the original poster @olivier I have all of my old covers and are looking to sell them. If you are in the states and are thinking of doing the Svart look, let me know, and we’ll see if we can work something out.



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