Cat Only Delete, Pre Muffler Only Delete or Cat & Pre Delete?

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    I’ve read through as many posts as I could find on this but still not clear to me, hoping someone might be able to help.

    I have 2018 Vitpilen & like many people who visit this forum I’m after a different sounding exhaust, I’d like something a bit louder & a bit deeper than stock but not offensively loud. If the bike could pick up some extra power that would be great but I really just want to be heard in traffic better.

    I initially thought simply adding a new slip-on would solve this problem but after a bit of reading most people also suggest a Cat-Delete. It’ not always clear, however, if they are replacing the Cat-Converter or the Pre Muffler (black box sometimes referred to as chamber) or both.

    What I’m interested in understanding is the sound & performance differences of the three possible configurations:

    – Cat Delete Only
    – Pre-Muffler (Chamber) Delete Only
    – Cat & Pre-Muffler

    Does anyone have any knowledge on this they could share? Thanks in advance.


    For those in my position there are a few legit companies offering parts to make these modifications as well as a bunch on Alibaba & Ebay. Below is a list of the ones I know of, I’m sure other members would be happy to share more. Note these apply to the 2018-2019 Svart / Vit models. 2020-21 have different offerings.

    Competition Werkes

    – Cat Delete only
    – Pre-Muffler (chamber) Delete only
    * Cat & Pre-Muffler deletes can be used together*

    Leo Vince

    – Cat & Pre-Muffler Delete (single part)
    – Cat Delete Only


    – Cat Delete Only


    – Cat Delete Only
    – Also sell ECU kits for remapping & air box kits

    Also worth noting there is a DB-Killer installed in some slip-ons. This may or may not be removable or offered as an optional extra. This part reduces noise. In the stock muffler this can be drilled out and some members say the sound is great. There is no going back from this mod though as you have to cut the part out of the muffler. I believe this also applies to the Akrapovic. But it might be enough for you to simply drill this out if you’re just after a louder bike and don’t care about modding the muffler.

    *Note I’ve also posted this on the Svartpilen channel as they are separate threads*


    I have tried all the possible configurations and I personally think that the best option is deleting the pre-muffler, leaving the cat (the blackbox) and running the exhaust without db killer.

    IMO is quite loud but not too much you can’t hear anything.



    That doesn’t make sense, the ‘black box’ is the pre-muffler, it’s not the cat. The cat is smaller and is situated roughly half way between the engine and the ‘black box’.


    Hey, I’m new here but after doing a good amount of research, the easiest mod would be the chamber delete and a slip on. I installed the competition werkes pair for this (2021) and it def gave some volume and lower rumble. Easy to do as well.

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