CAT-delete/Exhaust replacment questions

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    Hi im really new in this just got my first new 401 vitpilen i never had this big bike im just 18

    My question is how bad for my motorcycle if i going to make it straight pipe? i have in it like 3600km how it will affect her life duration? And how to do it? and what I need to buy to make it work properly?


    same question



    Back yard mechanic stuff like this will only make the bike unbearably loud, without actually sounding much better.

    Additionally, it will cause a loss of all needed back pressure and exhaust velocity needed for lower end power making. In other words, it will run worse.

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    I think about the new coober lm ecu and straight pipe with chamber delete I only think of quality developments

    LM ECU:

    Chamber delete:

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    I agree!  I did straight pipe my Vit and it is obnoxiously loud with a loss of power.  Invest in a quality exhaust and a tune.




    +1 for the Coober ECU.  I have it and like what it does for the bike.

    Your exhaust setup is going to come down to what you want the bike to sound like and how it performs.


    I would suggest the Werkes cat delete with the Fresco Ultra Shorty exhaust.  It’s what I ended up loving after multiple other exhaust setups.  It looks very clean, compact, and sounds amazing.


    Totally agree with this.

    I’ve picked up a cheap, Chinese titanium header-cat delete, that I plan to finish out with Fresco’s Ultrashorty exhaust. Keeping the dB killer in place.

    But first step first, the fueling HAS to be addressed, at least basic tuning like Coober, PowerTRONIC, DynoJet, etc.

    Also, exhaust is only one variable. You can only get out what you put in, meaning you should also be addressing the intake and fuel delivery. Then there’s burn efficiency, ie spark, cam profile, valvetrain…

    Many companies make higher flow filters, some also make open airbox lids…

    Some people swear by going to a bigger fuel injector, and/or a higher pressure fuel pump. Iridium spark plug.

    There are other more race oriented changes you could make, but few would recommend them as they would make the bike far less reliable, perform worse in non-race conditions, complicate any maintenance or warranty coverage, etc.

    My recommendation would be keep it simple. Filter, airbox lid, basic fuel addressing with something like PowerTronic’s FuelX, Pre-muffler delete to reputable exhaust.


    i have a after market sc project s1 replica.
    I buyed th chamber delete


    i dont have money for now to the coober ecu set (airfilter, ecu, exhaust pipe)

    i read that if i delete the chamber

    I dont need any remap or ecu.

    If i change the pipe than i need a ecu and a airfilter




    So – I just want to do a cat delete, and maybe a slip on.

    Do I need to do a remap, and all the complicated stuff?



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