Cat delete, adjust fueling?


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    Hi. I have ordered a leovince decat, and was wondering If I need to make some adjustments with the fueling/electronics afterwards?  any ideas?



    Hello, I know some guys with 690 duke, who didn’t do the remap after the decat. Apparently there is no issues.. But the motorcycle dealers says we must do it, which for me, make sens. (I’m French btw sorry for my English).

    Where did you get the Leovince decat pls ??

    I found only one made specially for the vitpilen from JDM Motos.



    I’ve been looking into this aswell… was planning on going with the Leo since they are an awesome company.


    Since these bikes are basically 690 dukes I’m preeeetty sure ( in theory ) a lot of parts will transfer. I have been emailing akrapovic and they said the midpipe from the display bikes prior to release weren’t going into production so we gotta find other options.


    I wanna do the LeoVince decay with my akra and I’m worried about engine light issues aswell.


    Me too I am French so sorry for my English.
    I have an akra mounted by husqvarna of memory no setting to do.
    Mias if I add a decat, setting to do?
    thank you


    Hi all,

    I went to the Husqvarna workshop. There is no remap for the vitpilen yet. They already tried a decat (one home made, and one from a ktm 690 modified) on a 701 and it gives very BAD performances so they removed it. They told me to do not make it. And also the 690’s parts doesn’t fit the vitpilen. I guess we have to wait a bit more to get aftermarket stuff.



    Actually you can use Duke 690 LeoVince decat. It is the same part nr for Vitpilen 701 and Duke 690


    Why is the Youtube clip not working?


    I was yesterday at a dealership he advised me not to touch the decat because no reprogramming currently.


    I’m running decat baffleless with no programming with no issues. The o2 sensor will adjust the fuel trim automatically. I’ve even been told by KTM dealers to ditch the cat, as it’s heavy and really restricts the exhaust flow. It’s amazing how much more power was made. It will pull the front wheel off the ground with traction control on.


    I have pulled away from 0 mph and pinned it fully to catch up with traffic joining a motorway from a parking spot and had the front wheel up with traction control…

    That being said I’m thinking about an aftermarket exhaust that is a total decat removal also and so it’s god to hear your doing ok with the 02 sensor

    I don’t know a lot about bike engines but somebody said you will cook the valves if you do this…(?)


    of it did go south and the calves were cooked, can you just replace the valves…or is the engine knackered


    My Leo Vince de-cat is on order but as I understand it, there is no power difference between cat and de-cat system, it just gets bit more noisy without cat. The power output stays the same.  If you start tweaking the air system or any other mod, then you get maybe 1-2hp more but the system becomes unreliable and you can damage the engine.


    My de-cat arrives today. I have to imagine it flows more air than stock, but who knows. I may wait to put it on until I can get a power commander. Flowing more air is not bad in and of itself, you just need to flow more fuel to match, it only causes problems if the fuel injection can’t make itself rich enough to keep up with the increased air flow. The horsepower gains aren’t going to ruin your motor as long as the fuel mixture is right.


    I have the LeoVince decat fitted to my 701 and it makes the engine rev more freely and sound better. However, after a few weeks of riding, I’m 100% convinced that I have lost a fair few HP of power -especially noticeable when riding and accelerating hard. The LeoVince decat is after all designed for the 690 Duke. the engines are similar but they are certainly not the same.


    rod frost

    So,   if I’m understand this correct : no mapping is necessary for the Leo Vince GB  with the De-Cat?



    I might very well be misinformed, but I’ve read in another forum full of people that seemed to know a lot about engines – or at least they used a lot of difficult words 🙂 – that the O2 sensor only adjust fuel trim on idle and on low revs. So on mid/high revs the O2 sensor won’t help, and you risk damaging the engine. The conclusion there was that no new mapping is necessary if you only change slip-on, but if you remove cat or mixture with the air intake, new mapping is highly recommended.

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