Carson City Motorsports gave me a great price!

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    I am looking to manufacture parts for the Husqvarnas so I ordered a 2020 Svartpilen 401 , 2019 Vitpilen 401 and a 2020 Vitpilen 701.

    For both the 401’s it was $6000 out the door cost with all tax, license, dealer fees. Base price was around $4299 each on the 401’s.  The 701 vit was $10,700 out the door.  And they delivered them all to me in Northern California.


    What parts are you planning to make?

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    Avatarslow husky

    T3Gabriel… really?

    on the 2020 401: $4299 list and the taxes, lic, and fees get it to $6000?

    That would be 40% in tax, lic and fees! Nuts!?

    I mean, that is not right. I’m thinking maybe you meant $5299…



    slow huskey – it’t the “destination and dealer fees” that get added on top of the MSRP or selling price that get added.  A strange artifact of the American automotive dealer system – don’t get me started.

    And in california, there will be sales tax added which where I live is 8.5% of selling price.  Adds up.

    I live in Santa Cruz and bought my 701 last month from the KTM dealer in Gilroy.  The listing price was $7999 and I got out under $10K

    Avatarslow husky

    Bferrissc… still doesn’t make sense, even in California. I’m betting he actually paid 5k or more list.

    Note, California residents can calculate their fees here to make sure the dealer doesn’t hose them:


    Avatarslow husky

    From the calculator, if if was $5299, there should have been approximately another $600 in additional fees., so about $6k total.

    At $4299, it should be under $500 in tax and registration fees, so a total of $4800.  Either the dealer hosed him for $1200 in dealer prep and stuff, or he actually paid a much higher list… which seems likely as the Husky advertised list price is $4999 for the 2020.


    Perhaps they told him a low list price to make him interested and then tacked on a bunch of fees, but 6k out the door still sounds like a fair/good deal–I got a quote from 3 dealers here in the SF bay area and 2 of them were over 7k OTD–with the lowest being just a bit over $6,200…that dealer was a 2 hours drive from me.


    Before the year end blow out I got my 2019 for $6200 out the door. During the blow out the same dealer was offering $5000 out thr door.

    Avatarslow husky

    Follow up… my 2020 Svart 401 is at the dealer being prepped.  T3 Gabriel’s “out the door” price of $6000 does look like a good one! (Although I still question the $4299 base price, I’ve been seeing $4999 base everywhere.)

    I’ve been hearing California Out the Door prices of $6200 to $6800, if you can find one.

    Also, the calculator I showed in the thread above doesn’t include the Freight Fee nor any dealer prep. The Freight fee is typically a real thing, although some dealers inflate it. The prep… well… consider that negotiable.

    My dealer’s invoice is showing the retail price plus freight, plus a dealer prep fee to get to the total ‘cash price”. Adding those and running the number through the California Calculator does seem to generate the rest of the costs accurately. The only other dealer fee on top of  that is the “Doc and Admin Fee”, which again is subject to negotiation.

    We will see how my negotiation goes… but I don’t think my total will be as low as T3Gabriels, sadly. But maybe close. 😉


    I was actually worried when I grabbed my Svart 401 for $6000 OTD as I thought I coulda held out for a better price (They add shipping and Dock fees here in Hawaii for vehicle purchases). Feeling pretty good now reading this, I even left with a pair of gloves and Pinhole helmet visor for my Icon Airmada thrown in. Though with all that said I cannot be the only one who hates the haggle culture for vehicle purchases in the US.

    Avatarulric kaka



    I was quoted $7250 OTD for a 2020 vitpilen 401 here at Monroe Moters in San Francisco. And was actually quoted $7351 from another dealership down in LA which sent me a break down of the fees. Everything was normal except for the dealer prep/rigging fee which was $1030.

    I was planning to buy a 2020 401 vit sometime in mid April but the OTD prices in the Bay Area are ridiculous.



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