Can I just leave my bike Exhaust-less?

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    my 2019 401 came with no exhaust, it has the black box cat, and sounds great.. also this way I can remove the passenger pegs, which are required to mount most exhausts. The weight savings is huge… but am I doing damage to the bike running it like that?

    It is kinda loud, but not terrible. Is this safe for thr health of the bike?

    AvatarDaniel Taylor

    its just noise- bike will be fine.

    Porque BUBIPorque BUBI

    dude! you serious?! really the bike came without any exhaust?

    did you ask for a big discount? =)

    Yeah anyway, you are shooting the fumes out of the cat box so,  I too agree, it’s just noise and should not at all affect gas compression.

    I would ask the seller to give you the terminal, or some money,





    why would you ? you need to get rid of the cat and replace the end pipe, then you are getting a great sounding bike with better throttle pick up and performance. right now all you are getting is all that carbon monoxide swirling around the underside of your bike, the weight is the cat not the end pipe. go on, spend the money and do the right thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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