“CAN HLU Failure” vit 401 1000 miles.

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    Hi can anyone tell me what this failure is? I bought the vit brand new in April of 2019. when I hit the start button it blows #6 fuse instantly and with error “CAN HLU Failure”.

    I called the only husqvarna dealer on Oahu and they said, sorry we have a 5 week backlog of repairs.

    love to know if someone has experienced this other than the headlight issue. mine won’t even start with less than 1000 miles.


    Sounds like a wiring short. How electrically inclined are you? Can you trace the wiring harness looking for a fault to ground?


    Thanks @stroem

    I’m too much of a boomer. LOL but thanks! 😉


    HLU = Headlight Unit

    Failure was probably caused by this:

    There is just barely enough slack in the wires and cables.

    When I installed I pulled too hard and disconnected the starter switch. I had to take off the headlight to fix.


    thanks @ichbinbier! i’ll take it apart and see if that is it. it’s logical since i had the light hanging by its own wires for a couple seconds. 🤦‍♂️

    ps- thanks for the definition also.


    SITREP: After hours of disassembly & reassembly I capitulated and paid $140 to have it towed to my husq dealer.

    They kept it for exactly a week and charged me one hour of labor. Fair.

    So what was the “HLU CAN FAILURE” that basically shut down my bikes computer? A pinched turn signal wire (r l)!!! I had finished installing LED turn signals when this happened. Even the mechanic was laughing saying it was crazy.

    Now my quest for compatible turn signals.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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