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    Hi to everyone, unfortunately i discovered this forum after having this big problem on my Vitpilen 701.

    After first service, i’ve got this error on the dash, so high beam, low beam, position light, tail light and license plate lamp swittched off; other lights works fine.

    I replaced the fuse number 6, all worked fine but after firt ride the fuse was blown and light off as previously stated.I replaced the fuse another time, started the engine, gave some gas (with the bike parked in N gear) and the fuse immediatley blown again!

    Checked the wire near the front light and on the back but nothing seems damaged…i’m waith for my dealer to give a check with new software but not sure if it can find where the fault is.

    Another thing to highlight is how is it possible that one blown fuse switch off all the lights?? If it happens during a night ride i cannot imagine what should appen….it’s absourd it can happen, i’ll write this to Husqvarna for sure…i’m very disappointed about this poblem.

    Sorry for my english…hope somenone could help or in any case be aware of this!


    Curious if you ever found out what happened. My bike is only 4 weeks, 250 miles old. I had the HLU error on my dash around 50 miles and I turned off the bike and turned it back on. I haven’t seen an issue since. But I hope it’s not hiding and waiting to come back.



    hi, sorry to hear about your problem, and I totally agree.. it’s not the best idea to have all light’s (high and low) on the same circuit/fuse… not that I do a lot of night riding but as you said if that goes you’re truly riding in the dark..

    hope the dealer will find a solution, I would imagine a short somewhere, there threads in here mentioning cables rubbing on the frame and being chewed up so this could be it.. did you check all the cables behind the head light mount?


    Hi, I had the same issue about a year ago, it happened the first time in the summer by day, I didn’t noticed in the first time that the light wasn’t working anymore, just the error message on the screen, I switched the fuse (it wasn’t blown) and everything was fine,  it happened a second time in fall when I was riding to work, I stopped and just removed then put back the fuse, It was ok for 3km and back to the issue, I let it like it until my work office. When I leaved work still no light when I started the engine, changed the fuse by a new one and it was ok, I was riding for 5km when the light tuned off another time, it was night in the countryside without any lights, fortunately I was in a straight line an a car was 50 meter ahead so I was able to follow tail lights. I changed another time the fuse and went back home hopping to do not have the issue in a turn, I went back well. The next day I called husqvarna assistance and they came bring the bike from my home to the dealer. 1 week later the dealer haven’t worked on my bike yet 🙁 and a week later they called me to bring back my bike. They said they found some dirt in the fuse box, cleaned it and it worked. I was a little skeptical, also I preferred that they changed the headlight or something on the electrical wire system, but I haven’t had issue since, and I remember when I have changed the fuse their was like a black dust, maybe the parts were exposed to dust during the storage.


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    Hey Gang-

    I have 2019 Vitpilen 701, with just at 500 miles on it. Just started having the CAN HLU message with my headlight out. All other lights are working. I’ve switched out my #6 fuse three times but as soon as I start my bike it blows it immediately. I’m Wondering if anyone has had any more updates to this. Otherwise I have to trek back to my dealer who is an hour away.



    Hi, i finally solved the problem after an never ending odyssey: the dealer changed all the cables of the electrical network…Now it works but i have the clutch problem! Completely disappointed about this bike…

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