Buying decision Svartpilen 401

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    Hi all

    After 10 years on scooters and the last 4 year on Vespa lx 125

    Do you recommend me to buy Svartpilen 401 as first gear bike?

    Mostly ride to work like 3-4 km and city cruising!

    Thanks for help.    🙂



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    This is a great bike for anyone looking to thump around city streets. It is light, shifts easy and abs breaks will keep you up right. I’ve had many bikes big and small and I love it. But it is slow. Only one piston raps out pretty high rpm on the highway. Surely faster than your scooters and way more fun. Get one! Start shifting gears! Some guys on here are having some problems with their bike (not me). I think mostly due to bad/cheap gas and lack of experience with a clutch. I run vp race fuel I keep around for my crf450 (fast bike) and she loves it. Some have complained about the fuel gauge and estimated range. Honestly this is the first bike I have had with a fuel gauge so it doesn’t bother me. My gsxr (fast bike) has a low fuel light and bike before that had a petcock you switch to reserve when she started to stall out. Don’t look at the fancy speedo and keep your eyes on the road. You’ll probably live longer.


    3-4 km is really short in my opinion, your engine won’t warm up enough. I ride mono cylinder foremost 30 years now and in the city traffic you’ll have to shift a lot for someone coming from a scooter (without gears)

    I had a duke 125: 3L/100km in the city traffic and today with the 401, I am at 4.5/5L/100 if I do only short rides in the city (15-20km/day)

    Otherwise its a great “learner” bike much more comfy than the vitpilen. You’ll love it


    I used to be a city scooter rider too and the svartpilen is my first bike, I’m proud to say that there is no coming back


    I went from a scooter to a Svart as my first. I must admit that I miss some stuff from the scooter (more luggage space, less maintenance, more relaxed riding), but I love my 401. I am super glad I made the shift.


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