Buy Vit 701 2019 or wait for 2020

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    Hi all,

    About to purchase a 2019 vit 701 here in Adelaide Australia.

    Massive price drop for the 2019 as I can pick one for about $8500.

    Does anyone know the price for 2020? Should I wait and fork out the extra cash for 2020 or take the opportunity of the 2019 price drop for not much more gain other than spokes wheels and blue fairings?

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Get the 2019 imho. It’s just a color change (I do love the blue/white btw!!) and ask yourself, would you really want the (heavier) spoked wheels?


    I’d most definitely go for 2019 🙂 I’d just wait for the 2020 to come out and get it even cheaper. I did it myself, got an 18 pre reg in winter and saved approx £2.5k.

    I personally prefer the original colour and not blue, but that’s up to you:) the vit gets real mucky easily tho – I find spoked wheels to fiddly to clean.


    Hey Deano…………

    I had the same dilema back in December.  I had found a new 19 Vit701 for abt $7500 US out the door (b4 tax) vs full MSRP for a blue 2020.  Even with the reduced 2020 prices, it was a no brainer in my mind.  I do agree, the differences are pretty much minor – wheels, color, pillion setup, pegs n such.  As for me, happy as a clam with the clean retro silver !  Ride on buddy……. M


    I took 2020 because it had on Monopole and pedane from full aluminium plus new colouring for 400 euros difference… from 2019


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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