Bungies/Nets on the OEM Tank Rack

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    I’m looking for advice on making the OEM tank rack more than just some wicked-cool design feature, but utilitarian. I’m a new rider, moving up from 2 years on a scooter with a lot of luggage/racks, and want to retain the ability to bungie, for example, a rolled down bag of groceries onto the tank for a trip back from the store.

    Anyone else found a good product or technique for this? My primary concern is scratching/damaging the rack or the tank paintwork using something that doesn’t quite fit.

    Any suggestions/pictures?

    Fred from france

    I’m sorry I could not help you,  I remove the tank rack because i like the design of the vitpilen

    I limit myself to what comes in my backpack. lol

    Good luck



    Cut a couple of 1″ strips from an inner tube for non sctatching bungees

    Dry bag if you need it


    Yes, this is a tough one… I’m coming from an older BMW R1200GS with bags and bungee hooks and carrying capacity everywhere. But it’s true, as FredfromFrance says, anything you bungee onto the Vitpilen interferes with the bike’s brilliant looks. I carry groceries on mine, but like Fred, in a backpack. Pretty soon, someone will design a tank bag for the Vitpilen, one that both looks good on the bike and actually holds something. Just not yet…


    Haark, why not just use heat shrink?

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    I got myself one of the elasticated cargo nets (12 x 12 inch), removed the metal hooks it came with and then unscrewed the 4 bolts that hold the tank rack on and put a corner of the net under each of the holes for the tank rack and screwed it back in place.

    Now I can just leave it there and if need be pop a small dry pack under it or when out and about whack said rolled bag of groceries under there.

    Easy to move to fill the tank up, doesn’t flap around either.


    I use bungie net quite often on mine

    I attach the hooks under the plastic body of the tank


    Oh, not to add to exisisting nylon bungee cords – I use long strips cut from innertube as actual bungees.

    They can be knotted at the loose ends to form a flexable loop which is how I use them the most.

    Easy to adjust length depending on how they’re routed around the rack.   Does not harm paint and also grabs shiny oblects very well like a water bottle or phone.   Great for secure rear loads over the pillion seat too.

    These also stretch a lot more than nylon bungees.  And the colour and price is  definately right!


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