Break in Service for VIT 401 $$$

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    Curious to see what dealers are charging for the break in service in the states, also does anyone that has already had their break in service know the general procedure that a dealership has for the first service. i had recently hit 625 on the odometer and was quoted $$450(USD) is this generally common pricing for the service ?

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    The main thing your dealership SHOULD do is check the valves to make sure they’re all in spec. I recently had mine done, it cost me around $385, but I not positive they took the tank off and checked the valves.


    i’ll try to remember to post my expenses for this when i have it done.


    Just did mine last week and it was $350 in NJ.  Already crossed 1000 miles in 6 weeks smh glad the next service is a ways off.


    To the person saying that they checked the valves; do not. They only change the oil; change the filter; adjust the chain and superficially check everything and clean the bike. In theory…they put the scanner too…

    In the second service (here at 7500km is done) they supposedly do the rest; but I have serious doubts.

    Here is 100 Dollars for the first and 200 Dollars for the second; however; the Dollar exchange here is 1 Dollar=45 Pesos and that the 401 s cost 8200 Dollars…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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