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    So I have 130 miles on the 401. I generally understand break in on anything to be at least 500 miles. I have heard people say don’t rev over 8k, some say 10k. What were your practices and recommendations. I find it basically impossible to ride the bike below 7500 rpm. I’m trying to keep the bike under 9000.



    @Matthew the shift light blinks at the RPM you should shift at during break in. It is annoyingly low though. The break in period is 1000km so about 620 miles. I haven’t hit it yet but supposedly the bike will alert you once you’ve passed that so you can take it in for the first service. After that service you can safely rev it out. If you rev it out before that you risk damage from metal filings in the oil, I believe.


    My opinion on break-in is: It’s important to use the full engine range (not just a constant rpm); use all the gears and get them comfortably broken in; practice emergency stops and learn how the brakes work; dive into corners when the tires are warmed up and find the point they begin to slip away. You can do all of this while working the engine up to the warning light. Find a wicked twisty road and go work that section over and over.

    That’s it, in my opinion.


    The manual states 80% throttle and under 7k for the first 620 miles. The shift light is locked until then also. It’s an on your honor break in so everyone will have their own method/style. I’m of the opinion that you should let them warm up always, then ride it how you would, while trying to stay within the manufacturers suggested limits.

    I’m just over 300 miles into mine with the oil and filter waiting. The oil is nasty already but I’m going to try and hold out.


    Mine is at about 250km now and the Husqy/KTM/BMW dealer i got it from said the same thing. When i asked him “What about the break in period?” he said: “Generally THEY say max 7k rpm and not more than about 2/3 or 80% of throttle but honestly, if you want to hear it from me and the mechanics, just make sure its warmed up, everthing else should be fine. Most bikes we get delivered here that get checked by the mechanic have already seen a great deal of redline before the customer gets it.”

    What i take from that is that its not as strict as the manufacturer claims it to be, but some yamaha guys told me that manufacturers do that more as a “Take it easy and learn the bike before you push it too hard and kill yourself” safety precaution.

    Im still taking it easy tho. Theres plenty of fun to be had below 7k, i mean not that its that exciting to rev it out since it “only” goes to 10.5k, it doesnt exactly develop any more significant power after that anyways, its a single after all. But i take it seriously. Why? Because the engine is my least worry here, its things like tires an brakes that need to get broken in before pushing the bike any further.

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