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    I haven’t owned a M/C for over a decade and wasn’t planning to but then the close outs got to me. I got my bike half price at International Motorsport in Langley ($3500 CAD). The advertised was for the 2018 however on delivery I ended up getting a 2019 (verified by sticker on frame). I still can’t believe that deal… Out the door (taxes, PDI etc was $5k CAD). Just thought I would post here in case there are other deal hunters looking. No idea if the promotion is still going or not but it was a great price.

    My bike was missing the owners manual and a bolt on the info screen which the dealer has told me is on order…

    Either way- smoking deal.

    I came from the world of 600 and 1000cc sport bikes and I’m happy with the power of this bike. Super nice!


    Wow that’s a great deal. I just bought a 2019 in Ontario and I thought i was getting a deal at $6,000 OTD.

    I Probably wont get a chance to ride it until spring but I am glad you say you enjoy the bike as someone who is coming from larger displacement sports bikes. I also have a Suzuki GSX S1000 which is great but to have any fun you have to risk losing your licence. I think this little Vit is going to be a great little street bike!



    Got mine for $3500 new here in Bellingham WA!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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