BoosterPlug Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen


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    I already bought one actually. Might install it this weekend if time, will report back.


    I’m contemplating getting the Coober unit. Anyone using one?

    AvatarSome Guy

    Any updates?

    rod frostrod frost

    Do they have dyno charts and mapping for the specific engine? If not, I would look elsewhere as it will be a one size fits all without any testing on your engine. Probably just over fuels.


    I installed Booster Plug for the 701.  Took my first ride this morning.  My bike is stock except for Booster plug.

    I used to get bad shuddering in the 3-4000rpm range.  Really riding >4500rpm and necessary downshifts in traffic.  Horrible ridability, imo.

    Now the usable rev range starts about 3500rpm.  That doesn’t sound like much but it helps me go up one gear on the highway.

    The engine seems ‘silkier’, hard to explain it – before the modification, more downshifting; now deceleration is smoother.  I was expecting more out of this for low acceleration between 2500-3500, but the shuddering is still there in low acceleration.

    There is still shudder at light acceleration at 3-3500rpm, I need to check my chain to ensure that it is not the problem.

    Installation involved removing the fuel tank and accessing the AIT on the lower left side of the bike.  Good tutorials here:

    Fuel Tank Fairing / Cover Removal

    Tank removal

    There are two lines on the top of the tank to remove, the overflow line and the crankcase vent line.  Below the tank are the fuel connector (neat little device), fuel pump electrical connector, and the fuel level sensor connector.


    Thanks for the update and sharing of the results, I will order one in the near future ( I had one on the Duke and was very happy with it)


    You can try removing the cat too. It makes it much smoother and usable in the low revs.


    Do you mean to remove the whole fuel tank ? or just tank cover?

    How to remove the AIT?

    Got the Boosterplug but fail to unplug the sensor, it blocked by the frame.


    I didn’t remove the tank, I just undid the bolts at the top near the handle bars and under the seat area and lifted the tank a little. Just enough to squeeze my hand through to the plug. I used a flat blade screw driver to assist as well.

    Took fair bit of fiddling but worked out in end.


    spent an other 3 hours on the plug, still fail to unplug, I will take it to the dealer shop next week……


    I recently purchased a booster plug and so far love it on the bike! I had no idea how to get to that sensor until I read this thread, a quick tip that may help with getting it unplugged: I used a 90* pick to lift the tab on the connector, or you can use a thin but long flathead screw driver for that tab too, the picture is of a similar plug. It’s not exactly the same (closest I could find online) but it’ll get you the idea, you just get that tab raised a bit and pull the plug out.

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    It performs well with the plug hey!

    That’s a good reference as well. I had a bit of trouble getting the new plug down in the right position and angle to plug in haha, working in the tight space gets frustrating.


    I just added boosterplug to my Vitpilen 401 it’s very easy to switch it on and off by switching the plug to test so I know it’s not a “placebo” effect and I spent a whole day testing this.

    my bike is a 401 with decat and pre silencer removed with K&N filter.

    real noticeable difference with bike response especially at lower RPM

    the bike feels much smoother and responsive, doesn’t vibrate as much.

    exhaust notes sounds better and I think quieter for some reason.

    really great cheap and simple mod that ensure that you’re not running too lean after the exhaust and filter mod, highly recommend if you dont want to spend too much on a ECU.

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