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    Hi, long time lurker from Paris here, I plan to acquire a secondhand 401 before the summer. After trying both, I have been hesitating between the Svart and the Vit.

    I much prefer the Vitpilen’s color scheme, especially the copper in the rims, the black engine braces, and the black fork clamps. These parts are left unpainted in the Svartpilen, giving it a rougher look that feels a bit « rushed » in my opinion. But I am used to an upright riding position so it would make more sense for me to pick the Svartpilen, even though I’m not a fan of its looks.

    Yesterday I came across this amazing build which is pretty much what I am looking for : the best of both worlds, a « Greypilen » :).


    I know it may seem a bit of a sacrilege for some, but my question is : what would be the easiest route to achieve this ?

    A- Buy a Vitpilen (just like the guy above did), buy Svart’s handlebar, buy (and paint ?) Svart’s triple top clamp + all the screws and handlebar holder ≈ 390$ according to + it’s probably going to need larger brake and clutch cables, but i could technically do it by myself.


    B- Buy a Svartpilen, paint both fork clamps, paint both wheels (buying wheels is not an option since they cost like 600€ each). I have no experience with sending a motorcycle to a paintshop so I wouldn’t know if painting those parts is realistic / affordable…

    PS: For the moment, I don’t care about tire type or seat differences, skid plate or reservoir rack presence, etc. It’s all about the Vitpilen’s overall more finished look with the Svartpilen’s riding position.

    What would you guys do ? Thanks!


    If the only thing you’re concerned about is the bars then you can also just remove the clipons from the Vitpilen and have someone drill and tap the top triple clamp for dirt bike bars just like ‘stunt’ riders do on sports bikes. (Or do it yourself, it’s pretty easy and there’s a tonne of youtube tutorials.)

    The only potential compromise to this method is the clamps where the Vitpilen bars mount would remain, but that could be a feature should you ever try to sell it the next owner then can choose to return it to original.

    If you have the cash to blow then your option A is the most logical, buy a Vitpilen bike and buy the OEM Svartpilen triple clamp setup and paint it yourself at home or have it powder coated for a more durable professional finish..

    If you REALLY have cash to blow, buy a Svartpilen and have all the raw alloy parts (triple clamps, rims, engine mounts) powder coated a nice complimentary colour to match your new custom paint job, this would be the most expensive but most ‘custom’ of the 3 options.

    Edit: Here’s a 3rd party top triple kit I just found ..

    Probably some simpler aftermarket setups with just risers to lift the stock Vitpilen bars awell if you search around.

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    Have you seen the ABM handlebar kit?

    Might be the easiest way to get more comfortable bars. Comes with a longer clutch cable too.



    Thanks for the ideas @S_Esquire. I didn’t think of drilling the the top triple clamp but after consideration it might not be the smartest move because :

    1. The Vitpilen’s top triple clamp is very narrow. Drilling area is super small and tricky, would have to do the holes on edge of the bent part… Doesn’t make me feel really confident safety-wise.

    2. As you say, the original Vitpilen clamps would remain empty. It think it would look wrong.


    I guess I’m going for the ABM handlebar kit that @Tim also pointed out. Seemed expensive at first but compared to the OEM  triple clamp setup price + cables, it’s the best value and less of a hassle to get the different parts.


    I hope the Vitpilen switches and the clutch lever will fit easily on the new bar without additional mods other than the ABM kit. I know I will have to use some shims since the Svartpilen handlebar has a 25.4 mm clamping area and the ABM kit has 28mm clamps, but other that it should be simple 🙂


    Its pretty straight forward changing the standard Vitpilen bars to the ABM ones, and everyrhing is included. The instructions will be in German though.




    My greypilen! 

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    Haha looks awesome, mate.



    I’m currently thinking about doing the a similar build and the tips with the ABM site were great! For me a huge part of the look is also coming from the tires. Those do not look like the Pirelli tires from the Svartpilen 401. Any ideas which tires are on the picture? Or which similar one with massive profile (like those) would fit?

    Thanks & looking forward to being a part of this community 😉


    I think those are the Continental TKC 80 Twin Duro tyres but don’t quote me on that. I’d say those nobbly nicks are one of the biggest consideration for this build because it looks like you’ll have to remove ALL fenders in order to achieve clearance?!? Even the one by the rear spring/suspension which keeps muc from projectiling into the mechanical parts down there.

    And not sure how much riding in the rain you’ll be doing but as cool as the bike looks without a front fender, having no mud guard at all… you’ll be eating a lotta dirt. This build looks perfect for dry back country type of riding and looks super gnarly but it’s as efficient for urban commuting as a SuperCross on the motorway.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I did a mix to achieve my higher bars. I used a Svartpilen triple powder coated black, Renthal bars and Neken bar clamps. This was a very cost effective method and I think the bars look better than the Svart bars. I did purchase the Svart brake line, clutch cable and switches. The total cost for both left and right switches was $100, this enables a more stock routing of the switches and keeps the connections in the spot behind the headlight. I love the new riding position and my shoulder and wrist don’t hurt. I agree with the Vitpilen looking more refined than the Svart.</p>


    i did drill the original top triple clamp of my vit and also used Neken bar clamps.

    the holes where the clipons used to sit ,are covers up with rubber/plastic caps.

    i also made the wiring longer myself to keep the connectors behind the headlight.

    looks,rides and feels good 😀

    painting the wheels and other plastic parts of the bike are ok to do, i used to paint cars a few years ago ,so i know 😉

    go ahead and choose the color you want,disassemble all parts needed for paint and hand them over to your local specialist 🙂


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