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    Hello everyone,

    So I’ve had my Vit since 2018 and had very few issues until recently.

    Today I decided to start the bike and get it going again after keeping it in storage and the battery has been on charge. I’d also add that I do live in Canada and our winters are damn cold. Garage is not heated either.

    I found that the bike would not even crank at first and the instrument cluster showed a low battery and TC failure fault.

    I was perplexed since I did keep the battery on charge and even checked it afterwards and found it to be over 12 V. Upon researching a bit more – I see that even just over 12 V the battery could be no good and not have sufficient amperage to get the bike cranking over.

    If I kept the battery on charge all winter – should it not have any issues? Or is it the fact that the battery is 2 years old now and it just needs replacing (which also seems like a really short lifetime).

    I would also note that the starter relay was clicking – but only a few times I would get a crank. Usually no crank at all.

    Should I be looking at anything else that could be causing this issue? Has anyone else replaced the battery after 2 years of ownership?

    Let me know.



    Batteries don’t like being cold, and my experience is that it is better to charge a battery for a day or so every 4 weeks, instead of keeping it on a charger constantly for 3 months at a time.

    Next winter, take the battery out of the bike and store it in your house.

    I keep my bike I a well insulated garage. Lowest temp inside there is about 5 celcius and my battery didn’t need charging and last week started the bike without effort after not being used since the end of October.

    You could just be unlucky and have a crappy battery.


    I agree with Nampus, don’t keep your battery on constant charge for months at a time. Just top it up a couple of days every few weeks, at the most. Simply measuring the resting voltage doesn’t give you the whole story of battery condition, a ‘drop test’ will tell you if it can actually crank an engine, but of course that requires buying the right battery test kit.

    You could maybe try a lightweight lithium battery as a replacement? You’d need to buy a different charger for it, but they tend to hold their charge longer, and of course are MUCH lighter in weight. I’ve just got one for my bike, from ‘Anti Gravity Batteries’. They had a deal on them at the recent London Motorcycle Show.


    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Thanks for the replies. I did find the battery was no good. Under load it registered under 8 V. So I went and purchased a new battery and it started just fine.</p>
    My next question specifically for Vanessa or anyone who has changed batteries – did the ECU reset itself? I am asking because my check engine light remains on even after starting. I get that the ABS and TC can remain on until after 6 km/h according to the owners manual.

    I also do not have any fault messages or anything. Let me know if you guys know anything. I do plan on taking it in for the 10000 km service anyway but my dealer is closed today.



    I forgot to add that I was not able to go for a test run since it’s cold and raining here. So apart from the engine running, I have no other information.


    Hmm, I haven’t fitted the new battery yet. I’ll let you know if I get any similar issues when I do. The weather here is very bad, haven’t had a dry day to work on the bike since getting the new battery.


    A quick update on my situation – warm enough this morning to go for a blitz around the block.

    1. Bike started no issues

    2. No malfunction indicators or fault messages

    3. Bike rode as it should.

    I am happy! Perhaps it needed a bit to reset itself? Electronics and software can be annoying but at least its working now.

    Let me know what happens with your bike Vanessa (or anyone who swapped batteries).

    I do still plan on taking it to the dealer for the 10000 km check. They’ll plug in there diagnostic tool and see if anything is up.


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