Bar end mirror position, down. Does your arm block?

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    So I’m trying to decide what mirrors to get. I’d want something at the end of the bars and minimal. I’ve seen a lot of bikes with the bar end mirrors going below the handle bars but would worry my arm would block the view. My brother turned his Husqvarna ones down on his Svartpilen and my arm would block the glass when riding it but it is a completely different riding position than my Vitpilen. So for you bar end mirror owners that have them pointing below the bars, does your arm block? How low do they need to be to not have them block?


    Hi Duvinclunk. I have the official Husqvarna bar end mirrors in the drop down position on the 701 Vitpilen and the view is perfect and not obscured by my body at all. Only downside is you have to momentarily glance down at them but once you get used to it it’s perfect.

    I have a Triumph 765 RS with bar end mirrors in the up position, and my shoulders do obscure the view a bit and they are the Triumph oblong ones not round. So in comparison, the down position is actually much better. Hope that helps.


    Good to know, thanks Cooky!



    Hi Duvi


    If I were to give you the upside of editing down I’d say:

    positive point

    it keeps the line of the bike
    they’re more discreet
    you can see very well inside there’s no obstruction of the body.

    negative point

    when looking in the mirror you have to move your head downwards, which forces you to leave the road out of the field of vision. that’s the main drawback for me.


    Mine is the LSL Gonia model with blue effect miror

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    Thank you for the details. Would it be difficult to get a picture with an arm on the bars to see where the mirror would end up when riding?


    Hi. I’ve got the Husky original bar end ones. They look great pointing down but my forearms were in the way no matter which way I adjusted them. Tried riding like that and had to take my eyes off the road a lot and even lift an arm to see properly so turned them up instead.


    Thanks Dan, that’s what I’d have figured for most down bars.



    I also have Husky’s original bar end ones, mounted upwards. After 2 months of riding, I’ve decided to give it a try and install them downwards. My body doesn’t block the view at all, but boy do you have to take your eyes off the road… I already thought that the upwards position meant leaving your eyes off the road a bit too much, but the downwards position is far worse… came back home after a little ride and immediately installed them back upwards.

    As a matter of fact, I even ended up ordering more “standard” mirrors to see if I could improve this “blind time” a bit while hoping to keep an ok look. Bought these ones, I should get them tomorrow:

    If anyone is interested I can upload pictures when I get them.


    Hey, had an original Husky mirror installed on my Svart 701, I found that both up and down my arm was blocking it just a bit. Ended up leaving it in the down position but moving the mirror arm forward more and tilting the mirror itself as far up as I could, that was the only way my arm didn’t block it. But you had to told your head down quite a bit to see it, also I found that when getting up in the higher RPM ranges the mirror vibrated so much that it changed position 😅 so I was constantly adjusting it.

    I took a 600 mile trip a few weeks ago on the bike and ended up loosing the mirror on the highway somewhere, it just vibrated loose and fell off without me knowing it. This was after it was installed for two or three months just fine 🤷‍♂️

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