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    Hello everyone,

    US Rider here and I have been without a bike for 4 years. I gave up motorcycling at my wife’s request, and a quick decision to sell my bike for $$ for a car for my daughter. Big Mistake, and I have missed riding every single day since. I’m in my 50s, and began riding in 1980 on an old Indian dual purpose Enduro thumper. My first legitimate street bike was a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 450 that I purchased new while I was in high school.  I progressed rapidly and was riding a Nighthawk 550 inline 4 within two years. So being young and dumb I, like many others felt like one of the ways to show my significant experience was to continue getting larger bikes, until I was up to a liter bike with well over a hundred HP. My final motorcycle prior to selling was a 2003 FZ1, that I purchased used. I loved it like no other bike before, and I wound up keeping it for 10 years. During the time I was riding my fz1, I was able to purchase some project motorcycles and rebuild them. I had several Honda CB twins from the 70s and I was taken back by how much I enjoyed driving them. I could absolutely throttle the damn things and not get thrown in prison. I think my Ego prevented me from riding a small displacement motorcycle at that time. I saw it as sign of weakness to go back to those bikes.

    Well, from being away for the past few years, it has given me time to consider things in a different manner. Number one… I don’t have to impress anyone, and all I want to do is get a fun bike which is beautiful to my eyes. Since not being around the scene for a few years, I had no idea that these Huskies existed. Tonight as I was looking at sub 500cc bikes I saw the Husqvarna svartpilen 401 for the first time. I was immediately stopped dead in my tracks. I personally have never seen a more beautiful motorcycle. The more I look the better it looks, and I have to have one. Being based off the KTM only makes it more appealing, and it’s a large bore thumper too! Man, I’m born again and I’m back! The entire reason I decided to come back is that my youngest son now has a motorcycle, because he grew up around it and it’s in his blood as well. I convinced my wife that I could provide him better safety instruction if I was riding next to him… Which is true, but I never should have believed I could have gone without. My motorcycle riding will be primarily for commuting 20 miles to and from work and Joy riding on the weekends, so a lower displacement bike is really what I need, not another liter bike. I’m past that point in my life.

    What a beautiful, unique bike… I had no idea it even existed.


    Laters guys,

    I’ll check in later with my thoughts, but I can already tell I’m going to be a Fanboy!


    Man is this story lovely to read! I am sincerely happy for you, you had to let your passion aside for a while to focus on your life and now you’re getting back to it, and on top of that with what looks like a more soothed mind (no need to have the biggest bike in town to be a real biker indeed).

    Really looking forward to reading you getting this new bike and starting your second biker life 🙂 But also, you know, ride safe, because it’s been a while and we wouldn’t want anything bad happening to you when getting back on two wheels!

    Cheers ✌️


    I agree, the Svartpilen 401 looks so cool and different. I love mine despite it’s flaws.

    It’s so engaging and manoeuvreable, so amazingly lightweight, I certainly don’t want to be without it.



    Great introduction!  I don’t have all the extensive motorcycle background you have, but my reasons for picking this bike are fairly similar.  I’m a novice rider at 47 and just enjoy going for some weekend joy rides, to work once a week, and don’t feel compelled to get something faster anytime soon.  Enjoy!

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