AVDB Aftermarket Levers from Ebay

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    OK folks. In another thread several of us were talking about the AVDB aftermarket levers that can be ordered on Ebay.  Here’s a full review, at least a full review of unboxing and installation.  I just got them in today so I haven’t completed a test ride yet.

    First, I ordered these on July 27th.  They shipped internationally from France and arrived today (just 9 days later).  Definitely satisfied with the shipping time as I wasn’t expecting them for at least another week.  Including shipping, I paid $76 USD for both levers.  They were packaged nicely and the company actually included a key chain and a couple complimentary LED light bulbs.  I don’t need them, but still very nice.

    As for the levers themselves, my initial impression was that they looked every bit as good as expensive levers I’ve owned.  Anodizing, machining, and overall aesthetics definitely met my expectations.  I was also pleased that the levers included all the needed sleeves and plungers so you don’t have to reuse anything other than the main bolt and nut that hold on each lever.

    I knew the real test would be installation and overall fit and operation once they were installed.  The brake side was a breeze.  Went right on with zero issue other than getting the plunger to seat properly in the little rubber boot on the master cylinder.  That is not a knock on the levers as it’s a tight fit into the boot even with the OEM plunger.  It did not require any sleeve in the main pivot.  Just use the original bolt and nut and you’re good.  Once installed, the brake side was nice and tight with no unnecessary movement or slop.  Very happy.

    The clutch side install was just a little more involved.  The plunger on that lever was adjustable (via threads that allow you to screw it in or out to shorten or lengthen).  What I found was that the OEM plunger is pretty long, and to reduce in and out free play in the lever I had to unscrew the plunger to the point it was barely screwed in with one or two threads.  I don’t think this will be an issue, but I do wonder if under some unusual circumstance it could come unthreaded. Maybe after I’m completely satisfied with the clutch actuation, I could put a tiny bit of thread locker on those threads.  Once installed, the clutch side had some up and down slop, like there was half a mm of extra space that needed to be filled.  If the bolt on that side was big enough to torque down and tighten the gap, it would probably be perfect, but it’s a small diameter bolt and there’s no way to tighten it to my satisfaction.  It’s not quite up to par, a little disappointing, but this is probably the end result of $75 levers vs $200 levers.

    In the end, I’d say they leave me 90% satisfied.  Look great.  Offer more adjustability than the OEM levers, but could fit just a tiny bit better on the clutch side.  My guess is that after a ride or two, when I’m not examining the minute details of the levers, I’ll be more than satisfied with my $75 purchase.  Out of 5 stars, I’d give these 4 stars.  I would recommend them as long as you’re not OCD and bothered by little annoying details.  If you are, pony up more than twice the price and see if you get a better fit.


    Great review! Thanks for posting!


    and after using them now for a few months what are your thoughts on them?

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