Arrow Pro Race : dB-increase options?

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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been riding with the Arrow Pro Race slip-on exhaust on my 701, with cat and baffle on. Thing is: this exhaust is way too quiet imo, and I’m trying to find ways to get a bit more dB out of it but still staying legal and reasonable.

    If I remove the baffle, it becomes way too loud (no in between) and I feel like it makes me loose lots of power too (I think another topic confirmed this).

    Another option is to add the decat pipe from Arrow, but here in France “de-cating” is illegal, and it would also require an engine tuning, also illegal. I’d like to remain as close to the laws as possible in case of a big crash (insurance stuff you know…).

    So I was considering cutting the baffle a little, and I wanted to know if anyone had tried this? Could it make more sound without losing power and without needing an engine tuning?

    Thanks a lot!


    If you go for the decat option, I don’t think the engine tuning is required. The O2 sensor is the only sensor in the exhaust and is placed in front of the cat. Removing the cat won’t issue the O2 sensor.

    Removing the cat will surely make more dB and will get you some more pops out of the exhaust.


    Yeah, but removing the cat will reduce the back pressure in the exhaust, causing increased port scavenging and lean running condition. It often has the effect of reducing low end torque, but allowing more top end power when combined with a re tune.

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    Thanks for your answers, it looks like removing the cat isn’t such a great option then (without retuning anyway)… any opinions about simply cutting the muffler ? Ever heard of anyone trying it ?

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