Are we ever going to have a For Sale/Trade Forum Category?


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    i’ve gone through a few cosmetic changes leaving behind really new OE and aftermarket parts for our little thumper for sale. A new forum category would bring in vendors as well.


    I agree.


    agreed, how do we get in touch with the mods?


    I think the idea of a ‘flea market’ is a good idea.

    I also would like to see ‘product reviews’ where inmates who have purchased accessories give their unbiased perspectives of the stuff (racks, farkle, etc.,  or after-market replacement parts (exhaust, bar-end mirrors, etc.).

    How do we make these things happen? We need to find the administrator and get him/her to get it done.


    I’m pretty sure there are no real mods and this forum had been left to the wolves after it was created. I could be wrong though.


    When I made an order through the site, I sent a question to the support email and got a reply from this person:

    Jamin Jones <>

    At the end of the email they said “Hope you are enjoying the forum!” so I assume they are involved in at least some capacity.

    Daniel Taylor

    i have an original slip on exhaust slip on for sale.


    Good idea but first I’d purge a lot of other forums first. This place doesn’t have much traffic so most forums are very stale. Last posts of 3 months go, 1 week, 2 weeks, etc. My suggestion would be:

    • General Discussion (anything about motorcycles not specific to Husqvarna)
    • 401 Discussion (everything related to Svartpilen & Vitpilen as most parts are interchangeable)
    • 701 Discussion (same but for the bigger brothers)
    • Buy & Sell (trade)


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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