Anyone have the Arrow WORKS Ti exhaust?

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    I think I’ll be selling my Leo Vince slip-on and Arrow decat and just going with an Arrow slip-on. I was recommended by Rottweiler Performance to go with the Ti WORKS Arrow exhaust but can’t find a single person who has/had it let alone any sound clips or dyno charts for it. Anyone have details or sounds clips on this thing?

    If I can’t find any I’ll likely just go the normal model.

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    I have the works muffler and decat from Arrow.

    I don’t have a sound clip, but I would say it’s on the loud side, esp at idle. When the rpms are up, it smooths out and is not so “loud sounding.” I think the loudness impression is the thump of a single cycle. As the thumps combine at higher rpms, it sounds smoother and less loud.

    I have a PCV installed with a baseline tune, but have it scheduled to go to a local dealer in WA that will tune for this bike, with these mods. Also, pulled the air filter cover, and it made a difference, just like it showed at Pirate Racing. I recommend that.

    Don’t know if that helps.


    Thanks for the picture! I have been speaking with the guys at Arrow and apparently there isn’t any power difference between the Pro Race exhaust and the Ti Works. The Ti Works just looks a bit different and lighter.

    I was certainly considering removing the lid to the air box or potentially drilling holes as they had shown. I don’t image I’d get anything sucked up in there with the lid removed but I was going to play it cautious…even though that may not be necessary.

    AvatarLukas Diestelhorst

    Did you buy the exhaust and how does it sound?

    Especially with db eater and Cat.

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