Anyone have any issues with the tank vent failing like this?

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    Opened up the garage to take the bike out and found this, my tank all caved in. Opened the gas cap and the tank popped back out but the plastic was still a little deformed. Taking it to the dealership tomorrow but just thought I’d share with everyone.


    Wow 😳 crazy ! How is it possible ??


    Hi Mason,

    the tank vent is attached to a small  hose, maybe this is blocked anywhere ?

    There a 2 hoses, one for vent and the other for overflow. I pretty sure, the vent hose is teh on at the back of tank. Remove the front seat and you should find the hose behind the round canister at right side going downwards ….


    Sooo the problem is fixed… dyno tuning shop didn’t realize that one of the hoses from the factory has a plug in it after they removed that overflow canister. Apparently it’s a different system than the supermoto. It’s a soft plastic tank so no damage was done.


    I have the same issue, i asked the dealer to fix it at first service but no success, they say they checked the tubing and it’s free to flow, now they are saying it could be a faulty gas tank cap….with no much confidence.

    Dealer is quite far from were i live so i would like to be sure before spending time. I’m pretty sure the bike gas system has not been touch since the bike was new but the bike did sit static for a while…

    @Mason do you know where that plug was in the system?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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