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    Hi everyone, Bonjour a tous!

    Quick presentation of my 701, mods are in progress, i’ll post more pics later. It’s a end of 2018 model, only 140km on the clock so pretty much new!

    mods so far:

    • Arrow can but with original cat
    • motogadget M.view café end bar mirrors
    • Oberon performance slave clutch cylinder (Almost crash with original clutch slave failure…was scary, managed to bring it home and did the swap myself)

    mods to be done soon:

    • Motogadget turn signal blaze disc and pin
    • Alpina Raggi sts2 spoke wheels in coffee brown with a set of Contisport 3 rubbers
    • light battery (Solise)

    not planning a tail tidy so far i kind of like the design as it is…will see over time.

    <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>


    Lovely wheels! I look forward to the pictures with them fitted to the bike!


    Les roues Alpina sont superbe . Impatient de les voir en place



    Wow les jantes c’est quelque chose ! Félicitation 😉


    Thanks, yes i can’t wait for the rims to be fitted too, but i’m still waiting on the tires first. Should be on it in about a week or so. Will keep you guys posted

    Merci, oui j’attends avec impatience de les monter, j’attends encore les pneux, d’ici une grosse semaine cela sera bon. Je vous tiens au jus.


    Good morning everyone, finally got the rims fitted with the rubbers, did the wheels swap myself, not difficult but found again bolts not tighten correctly…its a bit scary. Anyway see the results below, i like it!

    still turn signals mods to come and light battery.


    ça claque les jantes! j’ai pas saisi le soucis que tu as enoncé…

    Max Kool

    Do these yellow thingies around the spokes have a function?

    (edit, never mind, these are Alpinas and have sealing nipples)

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    @jonsnake la quasi totalité des vis que j’ai touché n’était pas serrer au couple, trop lâche, certaine libre (comme une des deux vis qui tiens la poignée de frein 😳) pour une moto de 1000 bornes maintenant c’est pas top je trouve.

    @max kool yeap dual seal nipple, sts 2 system from alpina.

    wheels are of course slightly heavier than stock ones but that was expected for spoke wheels. I will have to find a way to color the balancing lead on both wheels to  « hide » them.

    did 150km today with the new tires, pretty happy so far, grip and tracking is nice despite wet surface condition, better imo than stock s21.


    Cette moto est définitivement plus élégante avec des jantes à rayons . Les alpina sont top , petit bémol toutefois sur les têtes de rayons de couleur jaune


    Very classy looking bike with those spoked wheels! 👍🏻

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    Hi everyone, another few more mods completed, installed heated grips (husky ones), front and rear Motogadget turn signals and lithium battery.

    Love the heated grips, same size and outside diameter than original so no loose in feeling / control and quick to warm up.


    Good evening how did you run the cable to the bar end indicators did you need to buy anything else to fit?


    @Simon no choice but you have to drill one small hole on both side (4mm).

    nothing to buy i used the original cables from the oem leds soldered to the motogadget led wires. Oem cables are just long enough to have solder section inside handlebar. Just get small size heat shrink tubes.

    Clutch side, hole is underneath the bar between control and clutch master cylinder body.

    Throttle side, hole is underneath but this time there is enough space in the throttle plastic body to run cable inside.

    Just be carful when pulling cables and debur the holes well. Space for cable behind the headlight is  cramped as well, did take a few minutes to play Tetris to close the lid…

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    Looks sexy mate

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