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    After seeing that the Vitpilen fork is not as good as that of the Duke R (simpler cartridge), I’m considering now to buy the Andreani Misano cartridge kit.

    For those who have it installed, what is the spring rate of your kit ? Andreani seems to be known for too stiff springs in their cartridges.

    Another question : is it really difficult to install it by itself ? For dismantling the OEM cartridge, there is, according to the parts exploded view and to the Andreani mounting instructions, only a screw down the fork to remove (maybe with a pneumatic tool) to get the cartridge out.


    I’ve not installed an Andreani kit in a Vitpilen but I have installed several of their cartridge kits in other bikes. Fit has always been good & straight forward, If your mechanically inclined you should be fine. A pneumatic impact with a long allen is very helpful in removing the stock cartridge. Whenever the instructions refer to “phase” they mean one complete turn of the adjuster.

    With the lockdown, I had hoped to have more info on the Vitpilen suspension by now. I’ve had no time to work on my own bike, only working on everyone else’s bikes.


    Ma avete trovato il kit andreani specifico per il modello, io ho sentito due rivenditori ed entrambi mi hanno comunicato che per il vitpilen 701, attualmente nessuno produce kit forcella o solo molle più rigide..

    Dove avete reperito il materiale?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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