Akrapovic Replica for Svartpilen 401


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    Just a quick question here.

    Wanted to buy a Akrapovic Replica to change the tube for the Husqvarna. But im afraid thats is going to be bad for the bike.

    Has anyone bought something like this?



    I’m not a master mechanic and I’m sure others will chime in, but in my opinion putting a slip-on exhaust on your bike can’t cause any harm. Slip on exhausts are usually one of the first mods anyone does to their bike (If they caused any real harm, we would know about it). If a bike is fragile enough to be harmed by this, then why not do the harm while the bike is under warranty, you could always put the stock exhaust back on if you had to take the bike to the shop for any issues.

    Once you put on a cat delete and let a little more air in the intake, then compression changes and the bike may run a little too lean. Something like the booster plug will trick the bike into running a little richer to correct this.

    My 2 cents is you have absolutely nothing to worry about with putting on a slip-on. Your bike will sound much better making it more fun (and more noticeable to other motorists),  although you won’t notice any performance gains because the cat is still the bottleneck.


    I did and it is fantastic. Sounds great and really opened up the power. I was shocked that a slip on made that much of a difference. I bought mine off ebay and made some adjustments to the fitment. I had no problems with engine codes, etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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