Akrapovic Exhaust Question – My Options

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    Hi guys! I believe this has been discussed before but based on what I have read so far in this forum, it was never really answered per se or, no consensus..

    Anyway, I recently bought a Akrapovic slip on. And as you know, it doesn’t make any sound difference compared to the stock exhaust. That said, I’m looking to make it louder without having to remap, or lost of power. So my question is what are my options?

    1. Akra + Cat Delete? (with the Baffles/DB Killer intact)

    2. Akra + Cat Delete? (without the Baffles/DB Killer – Here’s the thing, my country law requires the DB killer to be intact during yearly inspection. And I understand that by removing the DB Killer on the Akra, you can’t fix it back on. Is that true?)

    3. Akra (without the Baffles/DB Killer – Is it much louder?)


    Also, should I go with option 1 or 2, which cat delete is a better bet? Competition Werkes, Arrow or LeoVince?


    Thanks in advance.


    option #1 is what I went with and it sounds amazing.  I also opened up my air box by drilling holes and adding uni prefilters.  Cobber ecu was needed after all that to allow proper tune.  Feels like I picked up some extra power.


    I’d be willing to trade for my leovince gp one and possibly som cash if you want to go that route to make it louder


    4. Remove the DB killer from the stock exhaust (see how to do that easily on the dedicated post that can be found on this forum), and keep your akra stock to that you can fit it when you do the yearly inspection. The stock muffler without db killer sounds great, no decat needed, no ECU modification/remap. And if you prefer the looks of the Akra, remove the db Killer from the Akra and keep the original stock muffler so taht you can fit it to your bike once a year for the inspection. It’s a 5 minutes long process to swap mufflers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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