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    hello vitpillers

    i just got word that the akrapovic is sold out at the moment.

    as my 701 is ordered and will be here in 3 weeks im looking for alternative exhaust that fits the style and sound of the akrapovic.

    any other aftermarket exhausts anybody can recommend or recommend not using?

    or is it worth waiting for a new batch?


    have a great riding weekend


    The Leo Vince Dual GP looks good. I haven’t heard how it sounds on the 701, but they make the best sounding slip-on for the 401.

    Also, it might be worth looking into Arrow.



    I just got the Leovince LV-10 Black Edition installed. With cat it sounds amazing. Without it, it’s too loud imo. But if you can’t find it somewhere in stock, you’ll have to wait 4 months for delivery.


    Where do you live? I bought a vitpilen last week, and according to the dealer the akrapovic was in stock.

    I’m in the Netherlands btw.



    Could I kindly ask anyone with a slip on that is not a Leo Vince LV10 and still standard pipes to post a video or sound?

    I too am interested in putting in a slip-on only but have only found a video of this. And while the sound is appealing, the look isn’t convincing. Plus doesn’t hurt to know before you buy…





    thanks for the replies

    ive seen the leovince models, sounds great although im still leaning towards the akrapovic.

    its interesting that its still available in the netherlands, im from there but i live in lebanon where there is a husqvarna dealer since a while, unfortunately they cant order it anymore from the husq website because it states sold out.

    is the main husqvarna company in austria these days, is that correct?

    maybe i should call or write them, which is easier said than done because the website only directs you to local dealers which makes go full circle and back in beirut.



    also im looking into the supertrapp exhaust, which looks and sounds great on my yamaha sr400.

    anybody ever tried or saw that on a vitpilen?


    the hunt continues!


    Hey I found this on an Italian Husqvarna-Dealer Website



    I think the supertrapp exhaust looks awesome!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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