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    Vitpilen diet
    i deleted the airbox and evap, dropped the hotter cam from Lyndon Poshkitt added the PCV with auto tune and the data logger. Low/Mid range is huge, top end suffers a bit until I get the tune smoothed out(tops out at 122, where 134 previous, current target afr 12.5) work in progress, will probably pick the bigger piston and lightweight valves for the winter.

    David Brazil

    Tell me more about this cam – is it setup for low/midrange? This is where I live, so that’s an interesting development. Did it require any other different hardware, or just drop-in?

    How about just off-idle throttle response? 3-4k? Pulls better than stock?



    Could You either esplain in detail the process of the Airbox delete or link me to a video or something ?

    David Brazil

    @BigMo – I looked at the cam on their website. Wow, it looks like it has fantastic performance.

    I’m considering it myself. Did you install it yourself? How was the install? Did you change the cam followers as well? How much time did it take?

    Thanks for the info.



    Definitely an interesting thread, please provide more info

    David Brazil

    @BigMo¬† Sorry to keep pinging you on this topic, but I’m hearing that this cam is not for this motor, but for the older motor. Am I missing something?



    Can you share your dyno sheet with the LP cam? I did not have a good experience with the cam and lost top end while gaining slightly in the mid range – it just fell off at 6000 RPM. I had a great experience with Dan Crower Cams for anyone interested.


    @projek701 I would like to read your experiences with different camshafts. If I get all the sources together you already tried different camshafts e.g. Lyndon Poskitt and Daniel Crower Racing? What else did you treated your Vitpilen with?
    Is there anything noticeable with just different cam (without new data set/tuning)?
    Is a new data set/tuning obligatory with a different cam?


    @vatte I had a bad experience with the LP cam for whatever reason it made power only in the midrange but dropped off in power around 7500 rpm, I made less power, not sure what was happening but another Vitpilen in Australia had the same issue, we compared dyno sheets and they were identical. LP is an amazing source for Husky parts and customer service is top notch, the guy was responding to emails while he was on honeymoon, I have nothing bad to say…he took my cam back and refunded me, must have been a bad grind, not sure.


    DCR cam made almost 3 horsepower (peak) with tuning, not alot when you think peak power but at some points on the graph it made over 7hp in some spots and gained hp and torque over the entire rev range. I am happy with it and they are relatively local to me.

    I too like many Vitpilen tinkerers have removed the airbox and places a larger cone filter as well as overbore throttle body and PCV.

    I tune every piece I get to optimize for the track. Would it make power without it? maybe, but If you spend that kind of money it makes sense to tune it. The bike makes 74-75hp / 57-58lbs of torque and it has changed my bike tremendously at the track. My bike made 69-70hp stock so dont expect much without actual motorwork. Ive heard of 80hp Vitpilens ( claimed) from same mods as me but so many variables out there, either way, its my toy project and I like where it is at today.

    If you do go with DCR cams be aware that you will need to replace the exhaust valve guides within 200 hours thats not published anywhere.

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