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    After having tested the K&N drop-in, DNA drop-in, and Coober Lid, my Personal preference was the stock lid and stock paper filter.

    I decided to try the DNA Racing Stage 1 + Stage 2 set up; boy was I surprised.

    Performance is on par with the Coober Lid, except it sounds different, and I like it.


    hey Savage thanks for constant postings

    i use the K&N Filter but without coober lid ….

    and have the feeling the difference to stock is barley better.. but i like the concept of oiled filter as protection …and i guess with the DNA racing filters there is a need to adjust the inlet /via ecu right?

    cheers from swiss


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    DNA stage 2 box cover definitely looks awesome 👌 (although hidden under the seat).  Glad you found a setup you like.

    I went with your previous setup of K&N filter, Coober open box, and Coober ECU.  I love it!  Bike is smoother, quicker to respond, and has more power through the top end.


    I believe the Coober ECU is designed for an open box.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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