Aftermarket Handlebars Svartpilen 401 2020

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    Hello, everyone, I’m brand new to owning a motorcycle and to using an online forum. I hope I’m posting this in the right place. I’m replacing the stock handlebars with aftermarket ones but I’m having a difficult time determining if all the existing hardware; bar ends, grips, risers, etc. are directly interoperable with any existing aftermarket handlebars. I did a lot of research and I just ended up purchasing these bars to find out. When checking the measurements of the stock bars on the Husqvarna website I was not able to get exact measurements or specific information on how all the hardware is attached. Thank you for your time.

    Aftermarket Bars

    Husqvarna Bars


    For the 2018 model, it’s 1″ at the clamp and 7/8″ at the grips, kind of a weird size I thought…


    Thank you. Yes, that is the same thing I found. It is very difficult to find any hardware that will fit with bars that specific size. I am trying to figure out if the risers and the bar ends with threaded taps and screws will fit in any other bars. There are so many bars that are 1″ tapered to 7/8″ at the handlebar but basically no aftermarket bars that are the same size as the stock svartpilen bars. My Rizoma bars should be here anyway now but I am worried I will have to buy basically all new hardware for them.


    I’m not sure if anyone is following this thread but I wanted to answer my own question just in case anyone else is running into the same issue. Basically, from my research, it is almost impossible to find a set of aftermarket handlebars that are interoperable with the factory setup of the 2020 Svartpilen 401. The reasons for this are also the things you should consider before beginning this project. You will have to change risers and bar ends mandatory unless you mill them. In addition to that the biggest complication you will run into is drilling the two mounting pin holes into the aftermarket bars on both the throttle and clutch side. The grips and the throttle and clutch units will fit on certain sizes/ styles of bars but drilling the mounting pin holes must be done precisely.


    Sorry to hijack this thread, but I just bought a 2020 701 Svart… this whole time I thought they had 1″ bars, but when I tried to put a 1″ Biltwell bar I’ve had laying around on the bike, I found that it was too small for the risers, but too big for the throttle tube and other components. So essentially, unless I’m missing something, it’s 1 1/8″ at the risers, and tapers down to 7/8″ at the ends. Is this different from the 401, or is it definitely 1″ and 7/8″ on the 401?


    It’s good to get someone else involved in the thread. Yes, from what I researched and from actually buying Rizoma bars, bar ends, hardware, etc. and then mounting them on the bike the dimensions are as follows:

    401 Svartpilen 2020 Factory Handlebar (Dimensions L=745 mm, D =26)

    • 1 inch at the riser
    • 7/8 inch taper to bar ends

    701 Svartpilen 2020 <b>Factory Handlebar (</b>Dimensions D=28mm)

    • 1 1/8 inch at the riser (fat bar)
    • I could not determine the taper dimensions but I would presume it is 7/8 inch

    Rizoma Aftermarket Bars I bought

    The dimensions of your 701 relative to the 401 make sense because the 701 is a heavier bike but I would try and confirm the dimensions using multiple sources.

    You can also consult the Husqvarna website to determine the exact specs of any individual part using their part finder tool.


    …hello man; do not know why you want to change the handle bars. I want to change them for the vitpilen clip ons; in the meantime I went to KTM and they showed me possible handle bars that can fit right in a svartpilen 401. I do not remember the brand right now. They are costly here but good quality. Yes; need the pinholes but in any case the service can do it for you if you are not so inclined to do it…


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