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    I got my 2018 Vitpilen 401 last summer.  I put the Coober ECU on it, along with the cat delete pipe.  I didn’t put in the cutaway air box cover because it made it too loud for me.  I also deleted the chamber to reduce weight, which makes the bike a little louder than I like for stealth missions at night, but I think the power is improved a little.  I replaced the stock mirrors with cool looking bar end mirrors, but it made the bike too wide and had terrible visibility, so I changed back to the stock mirrors for now.  I removed the handle on the back for the cleaner Cafe look.  The headlight is tinted with a yellow film, which helps to enhance the yellow trim elsewhere on the bike and it also gives it even a more “Euro” look.  The dirt bike hand guards are courtesy of my friend, Tony.  I painted them and they fit perfectly.

    2018 Vitpilen 401

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    Thanks for the post.  I was really tempted to swap the stock mirrors with bar ends as well but held off given mixed reviews from those that have done that on the Vit.

    How big of a job was it to install the cat delete pipe?  I’m super tempted to do that this winter leaving in the stock muffler.

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