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    AvatarMikko Leppäniemi

    LeoVince / Abm


    looks great, congrats from Germany! ride safe


    Nice, how do you like the gp duals?




    I have a question for you regarding the handlebar conversion. I assume you have the ABM handlebar kit on your bike, and my question is if you have any issues with the ends or anything else hitting the tank?

    the reason I ask is the below info from ABM webpage : “With the superbike handlebar conversion the steering angle will be limited, on both sides.”

    I can’t understand why this would be as it should be the other way around if you lift the handlebar 9cm up from the original position?

    I’m thinking about getting this for my bike but I’m worried about the bar hitting the tank if I’m not careful..
    Any other issues with this by the way? lengt of cables /hoses and so on?

    thanks in advance for your help


    AvatarMikko Leppäniemi

    Hi all!

    LeoVince GP is great, if you are that type of person who likes loud sound of bikes. Anyhow there is DB-killers in the kit so you can attach those if the sound is too much. When you are changing the silencers, have a friend with you because it was very annoying to change all by my own. Its more easy with extra pair of hands.

    Yeah i ordered ABM kit and had some minor problems because instructions were in german and google translate didnt gave much. The handlebar is 9cm higher so there isnt any chance that handlebar would hit to the tank. But the problems was with the cables.. I read somewhere that the cables lenght is enough, but no way in hell. I had to make some holes for electrical cover box that cables can reach from there. Also the brake fluid tank positions must be changed to upwards, so i had to cut and fix the small metal holders of tanks so their position is correct.

    Anyway on last weekend  i made 400km trip with bike and damn the handlebar kit is so great. The bike is so fun to drive comparing to the stock one, even it was also fun. So this is more fun!
    But 1 thing to complain, now the riding position is more relaxed, so you are sitting with your whole bodyweight on the seat, which is quite hard seat. So my ass was quite dead after 200km. But this just need some training! i will get used to it.

    If you guys/girls have questions about these i can try to answer and take pictures if needed!

    – Mikko


    HI Mikko

    Thanks a lot! Then I have a project for the winter! 🙂

    we only have a few more weeks of riding in norway so I don’t want to pull the bike a part now..

    could you post a few pics of the mounting for the fluid containers for the clutch and break so I can plan what I need to fabricate


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