701 vibration concern from a speculator

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    You 701 owners likely get many questions from people interested in this bike but please have patience with another one.

    Having read up on failing clutch cylinders, tank leaks and watched every youtube out there on the 701, my main remaining worry prior to driving quite far with a trailer to possibly pick one up – are the thumper vibrations. How bad are they?

    And as this is a very subjective matter: my background as a motorcyclist to give a hint of my perspective.

    2003-2008 cbr600rr

    2008-2015 another cbr600rr that served as a dedicated trackbike.

    2012-2015 yzf250f dirtbike

    2015 til now, no bike, just two wild kids.

    So, apart from the yzf250 I have no experience with vibrating bikes or large displacement-anything other than inline fours. However I don’t want an inline four now, want something with plenty more character and I didn’t mind the yzf vibrations at all. But that was just a 250cc and this will be a 690cc thumper. So when below those 3000rpm’s. Can I expect hands going numb and teeth rattling if stuck in traffic?

    Bike will be used for a 20 minute mixed highway/city commute to work. No touring and too old for the track.

    If any 701 owner can give me their comparison between the 701 and a 250 dirtbike regarding vibrations, I think I’ll have a much clearer picture as to what I can expect.

    Radek J





    I have the 701 Vit and now a Ktm TPi 300 2020.

    I still have for sell my ‘old’ Husaberg 300 2t 2013.

    701 and enduro’s are two different worlds, you can’t compare.

    If you want, the 701 is too much relaxed than 250/300 Enduro.. .. Only if you want.

    On highways at constant rev, or driving softly, the vibrations of 701 Vitpilen they are notorious, and it’s not confortable for more than an hour.

    I have had a 990 superduke and it’s more confortable than Vit, but it’s hevier, and for city use is not better than Vit.

    Any Japan mono or bi, are softer and vibrates less than 701 engine, but they aren’t enought funny.

    Maybe the Svartpilen is more confortable than Vitpilen, because It can mount silentblocks on the handle bar.

    Vitpilen is only valid for funny driving.

    That’s my opinion. I love my Vit, and I’m still fall in love with my ex-990 superduke… ..sniff

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    I have a yamaha WR250F for off roading, and I have my Vitpilen 701 for street riding.


    I feel no difference between the two in respect to vibrations.

    I can feel that when I do full open throttle acceleration my WR250F feels like a toy bike compared to my 701.


    Before my 701 I owned a Ducati Sixty9, which is a twin engine bike.

    The only difference that may be related to vibrations that I can SEE, (NOT FEEL), is when I look at my side view mirrors. Over 6k rpm the mirrors r useless in the vitpilen. On the ducati mirrors were crystal clear.

    Again, I feel no difference in my hands, arms, body when it comes to vibration, unless perhaps you are about to stall the bike because your speed is too slow and you are not engaging the clutch, but then again, all my moto bikes will cough and jerk when they are about to stall.

    So if you ask me, hand, arm, body vibrations are only a myth regarding the 701’s, in actuality you can’t feel anything unless you stall the bikes.



    Sorry, I write a mistake:

    ALL Japan mono or bi, are softer and vibrates less than 701 engine, but they aren’t enought funny.

    Everyone feels different, but…..

    For me:

    Usually travel more than 1h, or travel 2 bodys, or do you like to ride in highways over the legal limits – Vit is not your bike.

    Short routes in city or highways, or sometimes travel for more than 1h, or simply love her lines – Vit could be your bike.

    You ride your bike only for pleasure, better for secondary roads, and you have a funny riding. All this things plus a cool style – Vit IS your bike.



    AvatarRadek J

    Guys thanks, really appreciated.

    Will definitely make the trip to see it and as I only have room and time for one bike these days, I’ll just have too see if seller will let me test it before comiting. And determine if it’s too ‘raw’ for me and my daily use.

    And yea it’s the lines and simplicity that draws me. Though I wish they would have made a bit meatier (890) version also. If only for it to look as if it gained a few pounds.



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