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    Hi everybody,

    Just arrived here. This is my first post, after numerous hours spent on browsing unsuccessfully the web for parts. So I come here in hope your data processing powers can help me.

    Here is the thing; my 701 is arriving this end of the week. Yay. I have already carefully selected Rizoma mirrors and brake fluid tanks, as well as official Husqvarna parts. But there is one thing I want to get which I can’t seem to get a hold on: the special air filter fairing seen (or rather not seen) on the image below. I am also keen on finding the Akrapovic catalytic converter, but much less. My primary focus is the filter cover.

    This is taken from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACzZjLqPdd4&list=FLXy1Q-vpBoB-244EVFrWqqw&index=6&t=30s. It was the launch event of the Vitpilen in London, in December 2017 and the bike is the fully specced model.

    I have already contacted multiple Husqvarna and third party dealers but nobody knows where to find this part. Do you?

    I have thought of making it custom but that is a different kind of a hassle. Nonetheless, if you know someone who could make it for me, it is an option I would definitely consider. Rather in Western Europe if possible (sending something through customs from Asia or the US is another level of complexity).

    Anyways, I am thankful for all the help I can get, be it as much as reading me as helping me find the perfect part.


    There’s a lot on that bike that isn’t standard beyond the pods and the akro (paint, pegs, exhaust hanger, no hugger, FEK, no cat fairing). The photo is definitely still a concept bike.


    The bike ships with an airbox, not pods. People have put pods on the duke 690, but it has an entirely different airbox. You could maybe have one fabbed, but I think your legs would fuck the airflow on those pods pretty bad.


    There’s a few linkpipe options, I have the leo vince and it’s good. But maybe you are just looking for a cat with an akro logo on it…


    Thanks for the reply Qwandree!

    What I understand from the video is that it is indeed a final version, since, as specified, it is the 701 with all Husqvarna options on it. It is meant to show the bike full spec during a launch event. It isn’t a custom fitting as you suggest.

    Thanks for the airbox detail, I wasn’t in the known about that.

    About the linkpipe; I am not looking for more branding than there already is on the Vitpilen. I was wondering if it was commercialised because I would rather have a full exhaust system (that looks better than the original) than a simple pipe like Leo Vince’s.

    More on that, I have researched this linkpipe but I have no interest in it because from what I gather : one, it doesn’t enhance the exhaust sound, two, it isn’t legal (where I live) and three, it breaks the line of the bike (in terms of looks, I would rather have the fairing on the normal catalytic converter than an exposed and skinny underpipe). On top of all it adds more costs to buy the part and have it installed.

    Otherwise, I contacted someone near me who makes customised bikes, maybe they could help make something custom.

    P.S. : Tell me it doesn’t look better that way...

    Than that...

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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