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    Hey Guys!

    I changed my oil on the 1st service,  between then and today (2nd service) I have had to add  1 quart of 4T Oil. That’s a lot for that amount of time, atleast to me. Anyone else having this problem? My other big bore single does not do this. Of course, their engines are quite different. Let me know if you guys have had similar consumption. My bike has never leaked a single drop, so no leaks. I check my sight glass nearly every time I start it, and one time I was headed to get more oil and the light came on for low oil. Thanks in advance!


    EDIT: Burned 1/2 QT / Not 1 whole quart

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    That sounds a lot worse than burning oil. If I were you I would return it to the dealer for warranty work.


    When I did first service on mine the dealer noted that the engine was slurping oil and suggested changing it every 2k miles, as opposed to what the manual says (6k miles).


    So it’s prob not specific to your bike.


    Thanks Qwandree! Husqvarna told me that it’s OK for the motor to burn 900ml per 500 miles!?!?!? Well, I think I’m well within that! hard to believe though!


    Funny that you mention this. I had my first service done at 700 miles.

    Today by chance, I saw something shinny at the bottom of the bike. As I inspected closer, I realized it was the sight glass, it was solve shinny!  No oil at all, as the bike was warming up, I shook the bike left and right, and nothing ever came close to the sight glass, completely clean an dry. So I had to ride to my local bike shop and buy a quart of 10-50 4t motorex. Added 90% of the bottle, and the oil came up to the upper limit line, when the bike was straight up.
    the only thing is that the oil is basically black!

    my bike currently has 3,560 miles. I was told I didn’t have to do anything to it until I got to 7k miles when the next service is due.

    I don’t have any oil leak either.

    So while I think I caught it on time, before something got damaged. It is concerning that there was so little oil in there to begin with, and then also that the oil is so dark basically black.

    Anyone has any thoughts?




    I have also noticed an increase in oil consumption since the first service.  The bike now has approx 3000 miles and have added almost 2 lites since first service at 600 miles.  No oil leaks anywhere.

    I have removed the cat and have the option factory Akro pipe on so the engine is breathing easier, but have never seen (noticed) any blue smoke from the pipe.

    Bike will be going for second service shortly before warranty expires and will be discussing with the dealer.  I reviewed the manual but cant find anything about expected oil consumption.


    Do you guys think perhaps it may be the quality of the oil that may be the culprit?
    maybe some slight differences from the product being used in the factory ?

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