690 Duke exhaust on 701? Who has done it?

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    Haven’t found anything I really like for my 701 Vit.  I do like the Mivv slip on exhaust for the 690 Duke though.  I already have a de-cat.  Currently running the OEM muffler and it’s not bad.  I think the Mivv might work well for me though.  Had one on an SV650 previously.  Nice build & sound.

    Does anyone have experience with putting a 690 Duke slip-on on a 701 Vitpilen?

    Thank you



    I know for a fact that the Duke de-cat section bolts straight up to the 701’s. I have a titanium de-cat pipe mated to the Akra slip-on and I wouldn’t want any louder, but it doesn’t do it for me visually. I wondered if the Akra underside muffler mated to a smaller GP slip-on would be a good balance of looks and sound, but trying to find the Akra Evo underside muffler is a real challenge.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Does the Duke cat bolt straight up on the Vitpilen 701?  Are the mounting points the same?

    (I know it doesn’t have the lugs for the black panels)



    Just fabricated this up for mine. Sounds like a big bore thumper should. Cost under $100.


    Removed the front exhaust hanger today. My welds are not the cleanest as I am still learning.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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