6000 mile service. What do they do

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    Hi all my bikes about ready for its second service but I’m not a big fan of my local husqvarna dealer so I’m thinking of doing it myself.

    Does anyone know what is done on the 6000 mile service

    Thanks in advance

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    Just had mine done. It’s basically a fluid check, adjust chain, tire pressure, change oil and filters/screens, and update the software of the bike, and they update the service interval. They also complete recall services – there are two active that I know about: tank and license plate holder.

    It is overpriced, and I usually do my own service, but my understanding is that to maintain the warranty it’s nearly mandated to pay for the service at a Husky dealer. I’ve heard that others have done their own service and kept receipts to support that it was done, but I spent the $380 for peace of mind, knowing that the warranty is good – especially important for this bike, as there seems to be continuing warranty issues.

    No valves were looked at on this round. Just basic stuff.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Don’t forget the valves need checked at 6000 miles. That’s the most time consuming.

    (I recently did mine myself btw, and they didn’t need to be adjusted, you still want them checked)

    “Does anyone know what is done on the 6000 mile service” It’s all in the owner’s manual…


    I was thinking it would be valve clearence too. Where did you find the specs for them. Any diagrams or info appreciated.

    Also that was my thought about the warrenty but am I wrong in thinking the warrenty cover only lasts 24 months or 24k miles (that’s what it says on there website)


    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Lol, read my mind with this post.</p>

    So I just dropped off my bike at Dealer, I’m in San Diego. 6k mile service comes to a grand total quote of $888.64 dollars!

    I do have an aftermarket air filter so once I pick up the bike they will discount whatever they didn’t use or do.

    I don’t have a copy of the detailed itemized list yet, I will post it once I pick it up.

    But from what I read in the list. There are about 6 different types of gaskets that will be replaced new, they have to check the valves and adjust them as necessary, they will have to retoque every single bolt on the bike, apparently the single cylinder vibration has caused enough issues that they need to retoque everything by then time you hit 6k miles, lol


    They r charging 110 per hour, 4.5 hours plus around 390 worth of parts. Plus tax




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