401 ‘pannier’ racks – cheap and easy

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    A touring bike the 401 is not. None the less, I wanted to be able to carry a small amount of luggage without resorting to a backpack or ugly tank bags. Searching for an option, all I could find that I vaguely liked was the $600+ Unit Garage rack and bag. Even then, I didn’t love the one-sided bag option.

    Noticing that the Unit Garage option uses the factory mount points for the rear grab rail, I decided to make my own. I wanted to make use of the factory rear rack (the seat replacement) and be able to carry two small bags.

    So, here’s what I’ve come up with

    401 Svartipilen pannier racks

    The plates are actually meant for a Ducati Scrambler and were sourced from eBay (here). They’re attached to the rear subframe (where the grab handle would bolt) using 5mm steel brackets (a total overkill for the amount of weight I plan on carrying with them), some alloy spacers, crush washers and longer bolts.

    With the bags installed (Kriegas US10s ), I have the majority of the actual weight hanging from the rear rack, while the ‘pannier racks’ are only there to support the bags from falling into the rear wheel, or moving front-to-rear. Here’s a pic of how the rack/bags are attached:

    I actually painted the back of the plates to hide the ‘SCRAMBLER’ logo on the back side.

    Here’s a pic of the bike with bags mounted, ready to ride:

    All up, I think I’ve added around 2kg to the bike (without bags) and am happy enough with the look of them that I’ll probably just leave them on there when I’m not using them to hold my bags! As for the final cost – minus the Kriega bags – the racks were about $100AUD all up (plates, bolts, spacers, paint, washers).


    Hello !

    Nice racks, can you put another picture of how it fixed under the passenger seat ?

    I want the same, did I need to buy certains types of spacers, crush washers and longer bolts ?


    Thx ^^


    Really nice job! I like it.




    Here’s an image of the spacers and brackets I used to hold the pannier racks on.


    I love this design. This is exactly what I was looking for. Can you please elaborate as to where you got the 5mm steel brackets?

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