401 Backfire – intentional cool factor?

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    I was wondering whether anyone else’s bike likes to backfire, or of it’s just my setup / fuel selection.

    I run with a cat, black box, and db killers.

    I use 102 octane fuel.

    When I shift at the right spot into 2nd or 3rd it makes a backfire.

    Can repeat it everytime like this: while barely using any throttle let the revs rise slowly to somewhere around 12 o’clock on the led display, and then shift –> “POP”

    As this is similar to one of those cars with DCT and sport sound enabled, I am wondering if the little Husqy is programmed to be cool sounding, or perhaps my bike is a feisty one…


    I’ve got cat delete, muffler delete, 93 octane, Coober ECU, K&N intake with Coober open top box and it does the same pops you described.  If I downshift to allow engine braking it will pop like crazy.  The Coober ECU made the pops a bit more tame.

    I love the pop sounds my bike makes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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