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    Hi everyone,

    I’m a new 401 Vitpilen rider based in the UK. Loving the bike—got a lot of positive comments at the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in London yesterday.

    A handful of questions about accessories that I’m hoping people here can help with:

    • The akrapovic exhaust—does this boost performance at all or is it just engine note/look? I’ve noticed that husqvarna does advertise a couple of compatible power boosting exhausts; has anyone tried these?
    • My dealership has the rear bag available about £100. I wondered what people thought of this—do the mounts affect the look of the bike even when the bag isn’t attached?
    • I ordered the bar end mirrors with the new bike, but a month later they’re still on back order from husqvarna. Are they that good that it’s worth waiting, or should I cancel and get some cheaper third party ones?
    • Does anyone know of adjustable pegs that would fit the 401? Would like to shift some weight onto my legs and off of my wrists if possible!

    Thanks so much for the help,




    same for my headlight grid, the dealership is waiting for it, won’t be available before mid-october.

    I mounted some chinese bar end mirrors I bought some time ago on gearbest, they are top quality !

    just be carefull, wit the amount of vibration, the screws tend to lose some tightness



    Can’t speak for the other accessories, but regarding the bar end mirrors, I’m super happy with the husqy’s. I ordered them with the vitpilen and they’re top quality. Visibility is good ( mines are top mounted ), no vibration whatsoever and most important, they stay in place. Once you’ve set them to your liking, they won’t budge unless you hit something.

    As for the exhaust, the akra doesn’t add any performance. It’s purely for sound. Maybe with a de-cat and an ECU remap you could see an improvement. I’ve seen ppl with an increase of 3-4hp with a tune, but for me, the 390 block is already stressed as it is. No need for more without compromising the reliability.

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    I bought 3rd party bar end mirrors because they were a good bit cheaper. I wish I had gotten the Husky mirrors.

    I bought the Husky aluminum pegs and love them.

    I bought the Husky dry bag (not the tank or tail bag). It’s not the best bag ever, but it was only $15 so what would you expect.

    I recently bought the tank pads and they are nothing less than totally BADASS! I love them!

    Thats my 2 cents…


    I have the tank pads on mine too, i love the look.


    Thanks so much for the responses so far! Would love to see a photo of the tank pads in situ if you have one.



    Will do better pictures if needed


    On the website the tank pads show a set of screws that come with them. Do you have to drill through the fairing to attach them? Just curious about that.

    I’ve got the Akrapovic slip on and like the sound. Didn’t really add any performance but I feel the bike is more complete with the sound improvement

    I have add on Rizoma B-Pro bar ends that fit nice and their reverse retro mirrors which go well with the angles of the bike.

    Also added tank clutch and protector since kids in the city knock shit over now and again.

    working on cleaning up the tail now…send pictures soon.

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    to mount the tank pads, you ahve to remove the sticker.

    The screws are mounted on the inside of the fake tank.


    Tank pads look awesome, thanks for sharing the photos!

    I guess I’ll end up going for the exhaust—I agree that the sound is the one thing letting the bike down at the moment.

    @Max looking forward to seeing the tail updates.

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