2022 Svartpilen 401 Rekluse RadiusX Clutch Fit?


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    Just picked up a 2022 Svartpilen 401 and new to the form.  I’m interested in the Rekluse RadiusX auto clutch but haven’t seen anything stating it’ll fit on a 2022 model.  Does anyone know if the clutch changed since last year, it’ll fit and/or have it on a new bike?


    Kinda new here myself, this is my first post, waited a while for my 2022 Svartpilen and did a bit of reading.  From what I have read the 2020 model is where the majority of changes happened with the lengthened sub frame and some changes to hardware.  If it says it fits a 2020 it should fit a 2021 and 2022, if this is not correct someone please chime in I dont want to be giving out bad info.

    Congrats on the Svart they are a lot of fun to ride!


    I think TEGDOG pretty much sums it up, purely cosmetic as far as I’m aware from 2020 onwards. Much of the bikes mechanics is unchanged from the earlier models also. I’ve been looking at mods for a 2022 also and the main issue is that the compatibility dates just haven’t been updated for the most part. Having had a look at their website I’d say the RadiusX auto clutch isn’t compatible as it’s not even listed for the 2018. If you’re referring to their TorqDrive manual clutch then yes I’d say it would. Not really sure why you would want the RadiusX on a street bike but different stokes for different folks.

    Always worth asking the question anyway, I’d email them and your local dealer to see if they can give you a definitive answer, might even prompt them to update their list making it easier for others.




    It’s the same engine from launch up to now, so i can’t see why it wouldn’t fit. I’ve got one on my 2019 401 and it’s an awesome bit of kit.

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    Just checked with my dealer. RadiusX is listed as compatible from 18 – on, so should be good to go.

    Don’t why it’s not listed on the Rekluse website, possibly an oversight on their part or maybe it’s just not their intended market.

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