2020 Vitpilen and Svartpilen 701

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    Husqvarna has officially announced details of the 2020 Vitpilen and Svartpilen 701 models.


    The VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN 701, now in their third and second year of production respectively, receive new colours, trim, graphics and technical details that enhance the modern look of their ground-breaking designs. With 75 hp, the high-performance 692 cc single cylinder engine compliments the machines’ dynamic handling and exciting riding experience. Weighing only 158 kg and 161 kg respectively without fuel, both motorcycles feature adjustable suspension and are further highlighted by new spoked wheels and CNC machined footrests.

    => Powerful and torquey 692 cc, 75 hp, 72 Nm, single cylinder engine
    => Dynamic, lightweight high-performance chassis
    => Spoked wheels as standard
    => Striking new graphics, trim and paint finish
    => CNC machined footrests
    => Up/down Easy Shift




    So identical to the launch versions but with new paint and plastics? I love my silver but that does look pretty cool.


    I prefer the black and silver Vitpilen too, but the blue looks good. Not sure about the Svartpilen.

    I’m surprised not to see a TFT dash, not that I care, but the market seems to.


    love the svartpilen, looks good in that bronze/brass finish, and the position seems very upright

    Max KoolMax Kool

    I love that new white and blue livery on the 2020 Vit 701, but I would prefer the cast wheels. Spoke wheels remind me too much of retro bikes, while the Vit is a modern bike imho.


    (and I’m assuming the spoked wheels are heavier than the cast ones)


    I too prefer the cast wheels, however notice alot of people want spoke wheels. I don’t like them very much, harder to keep clean and remind me more of pushbike wheels đŸ˜€

    Although I thought the spoked wheels were lighter? May be wrong.


    Someone on fbook page is selling some of the Cast Vitpilen 701 wheels, and said they are total 11lb LIGHTER than the stock Akront spoked wheels.


    11 pounds lighter is a lot. Like what you might save if you swapped to carbon fiber wheels. That number seem suspect to me unless the stock wheels weigh over 30lbs or something like that. Which I suppose is possible.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    “Someone on fbook page is selling some of the Cast Vitpilen 701 wheels”

    I would grab them, seriously. Odds are you may even find someone that wants to swap his cast wheels against your spoked ones.


    His asking price was excessive, even if in new condition. I’ve seen he also has them on eBay if anyone wants to have a search. I know fbook is like the bane of forums…

    But yes, these are front & rear wheel/tire/rotor completes, and he said the Vitpilen cast complete set that he is selling, were 5kg lighter total than the factory spoked Akront brand wheels/tires/rotors.

    Now that I’m thinking about it, are the spoked wheels tubed? And even if not, they must run some sort of rim strip to cover the nipple holes.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Oh wait, is that the guy asking 2k for a set of wheels? (admittedly, incl rotors and tires but still…)

    The spoked wheel are tubeless afaik, they have some sort of sealing rubber rim band, it even says so on the side of the rims.


    Yep that is his asking price!

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