2020 Svartpilen, how to do decat and new high flow air filter???

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    Hi there riders, i have few questions for you please.

    I bought a 2020 Husky Svartpilen 401 and the first thing i kinda want to get rid off of that black cat/resonator pipe, mostly because of the weight. Does anybody did it already on this model? Or dou you guys know how to do it? Custom pipe etc…?


    Second question, i want to buy high flow KN air filter, i think i can change by myself but the question is, Do i need to buy aftermarket ECU (Coober, Powertronic,…) or if i am going to install it, the stock ECU(computer) will adjust for it by itself? Or am i going to damage the engine?


    Thank you so much for your answers, ideas, help and explanation how it all works.



    rod frostrod frost

    I have a 2018 Svart. and I put a decat pipe on by Werkes https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/competition-werkes-cat-delete-mid-pipe-ktm-390-husqvarna-401

    And put in a DNA filter with an open air box lid by Coober , think the lid was around $60.

    I did add a Powertronic piggyback but not sure I needed it…   Bike sounds nice.

    rod frostrod frost

    Oh, I did add a Leo Vince GP One exhaust too. I’m broke now… Good luck new bikes are a lot of fun!


    I have 2020, so the pipe is going under, so totally different story.


    Somebody can please help me?



    I built my own mid pipe, and modified the header pipe.


    @Janwinter, hello I am in the same situation as you, I just bought my Svartpilen 401 2020, and I am trying to remove the catalyst. If anyone can help us, thank you 😉



    I Make really nice open air box lids that solve the issues the other brands have like foam failing and being able to replace filters


    i did have a look at the airbox lid. when examining, this seemed like the airbox is being opened up on the ‘clean air side’ instead of the other side of the oem filter?

    basically you’re making 2 airfilters (to be kept clean on maintenance).

    i’d be inclined to open up the ‘dirty air side’ of the housing on the vit and svart this is the underside.

    please correct me if i’m wrong.

    Avatarledd Lemmenes

    Air gets pulled from the top, pulling air from the bottom would result in un filtered  air by the factory filter  getting into the motor. The air box lid simply provides the intake more air. Other companies add the filter in the exact same location. That’s not the issue that’s been solved is that the other ones fall apart because the bottom side isn’t supported, and they can’t be changed if you ride somewhere very dusty or dirty making you buy another lid instead of just the filter

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