2020 Svartpilen Fender Eliminator Spacer 3D Model

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    I bought my 2020 Svart in July and immediately purchased the mnnthbx tail tidy  before they updated the site to indicate that it was only for the 18-19 model. The plastic spacers used on this tidy were incompatible with the changes to the cutouts on the 20 model so I found that it wouldn’t fit when i tried to install it. Rather than toss it in the trash I figured that I would take a shot at trying to model out some new spacers using my 3D printer.

    I am not an engineer by trade so the process was a lot of trial and error, however, I finally managed to build something that seems to work for what i need and figured that I would share it with the group in case anyone else wants to use it or modify it for a DIY tail tidy.

    You can find the design here


    Tinkercad is a relatively easy piece of software to figure out so anyone should be able to duplicate and modify the project as they need.

    I have only printed the prototypes in PLA so far but intend to print the final parts in black PETG for strength. I haven’t tested the durability or strength as it is still winter where I live but I will update once I get it back on the road.






    Hi James,

    Maybe you have the 2019 version scanned? I have a 2019 model but I can’t find the tail tidy in my Country (Greece).

    If i order online from US I have to pay customs (usually more than the price of the product).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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